#tuesdaytease MAGIC’S CHARM, new episode drop on #kindlevella

Yesterday, episode 2 of my new Vella story MAGIC’S CHARM dropped and today I’m giving you a little tease of that chapter.

The dressing room door opened and Rhys had to put his hands in his pockets when he saw her. The absolute craving to reach and touch her was so strong he was shocked by it. Ebony hair flew down around her shoulders to her back ending at her waist, free and unadorned. On the stage, he’d thought the sheen had been from the harsh stage lights. Seeing her hair now, unlit and natural, he realized the glistening came from the woman herself. She’d removed the dramatic eye makeup, but he could see that her lashes were naturally long and not from the application of artifice. The rosy glow on her cheeks wasn’t from a blusher. Her naked lips were plump and wanton, and for a hot minute, Rhys fantasized about tugging at them with his own.

She’d changed into a simple green sheath dress that ended just at her knees, giving him an ample view of long, slender, toned calves. Metallic 5-inch stilettos shod her feet making her eye level with him.

“Let’s go down to the lounge,” she said, “Pierre has a private section for us and we won’t be disturbed while we wait for Evan.”

He nodded and let her lead the way, delighted to watch her slender hips sway beneath the well-fitting dress.

Episodes 1-3 are always free to read on Vella. Watch for the third one this Thursday, Feb 2.


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