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Episode 15 in #KindleVella MAGIC’S CHARM releases today #fantasy #magic #romance

If it’s Thursday, that means a new episode of MAGIC’S CHARM is released.

Here’s a little snippet from episode 15 which just dropped:

They sped along the Vegas desert as the sun finally jumped the horizon. He understood her desire to wear the huge sunglasses now since he had to squint against the sun’s glare as they headed straight into the light of day.

A half-hour after leaving the compound the limo turned into the terminal. Rhys counted the number of commercial flights all ready to leave the bustling city, an equal number ready to land from the skies above them.

“The average number of flights into the city each day is estimated between five and six hundred,” Siobhan said as the limo taxied to the private airstrip abutting  McClarren airport.

“Everybody loves Vegas,” Rhys said.

“And thank God they do or I’d be on perpetual tour. Or out of a job.”

“We’re here, Ms. d’Arc,” the driver announced.

Siobhan nodded as the car stopped. The driver opened her door while Rhys exited the opposite one. They were standing in a private indoor hangar. Rhys had been impressed by the amount of priceless art in the d’Arc home, but his awe grew ten times when he spotted the Bombardier Challenger 300 jet standing in front of them with a magic wand stenciled on the nose.

“Never seen a private jet before, McDowell?” Siobhan asked as she sauntered past him to walk up the steps to the plane.

“Seen one. Never flew in one, though.” He followed her up the steps.

“Well, you’ll have something fun to write about in your diary tonight, then, won’t you?”

The luxurious interior boasted 8 oversized captain chairs in the main cabin.

“Welcome, sir,” the flight attendant said. “My name is Rachel. I’ll be flying with you today.”

Rhys nodded as she snuck a peak at the cockpit instrument board.

Siobhan took a seat next to a window and strapped in. Rhys plopped down opposite her and did the same.

“There are seven other chairs in this plane,” she said, peering over the top of her sunglasses, “and you have to sit right there?”

“It’ll be easier to talk this way. You did promise to let me interview you.”

She slid her glasses back up her nose and made a play for looking out the window as the engines revved.

“We should arrive in about sixty minutes,” Rachel told them. She carried a carafe of coffee on a try, two mugs next to it along with cream and sweetener cups.

“Black for me, please,” Rhys said, accepting the mug once she’d filled it. She never asked Siobhan how she took it, just made it and handed it to her.

“Would you like a fruit plate for breakfast, Mr. McDowell, or eggs, bacon, and toast?”

“The latter,” he told her.

“Very good. Once we’re at cruising altitude I’ll bring everything out.”

Siobhan thanked her before the woman went to the back of the plane and seated herself.

“So,” Rhys said, after taking a sip of the most delicious coffee he’d ever had. “Your own plane. Nice perk.”

Slowly, she turned from looking out the window to face him, her sunglasses still in place. He’d give anything to see her eyes.

“We do quite a bit of traveling all around the country and this way is easier all around.”

“But I have to imagine it’s costly.”

She shrugged. “What good is having money if you don’t spend it?”


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#kindlevella MAGIC’S CHARM #episode 4

Episode 4 dropped today in my new KindleVella story MAGIC’S CHARM. Here’s a taste for those following ( and those that should be, LOL!) This is the delicate balance between mothers and daughters when mom decides to date again….

“I went out to dinner with Ted after the show.”

“Oh.” She bit the inside of her bottom lip, the quartet of balls still jostling in the air. “I didn’t realize he’d come to the show. I didn’t see him.”

“He called early last night before we went on and said he was coming over after. He wanted to talk about…some things.”

“Pretty late dinner,” Siobhan said.

“We went dancing afterward, Siobhan, at the Crystal room.”


Riordan’s lips twisted into a droll line. “I am an adult, Honey. I don’t have a curfew anymore, and haven’t for quite some time.”

Siobhan stared up into her mother’s laughing eyes, grabbed all four balls as they fell down into her hands, and gave her mother a sheepish grin. “Sorry, mom. I guess I’m still, well, not used to seeing you with uncle Ted and not daddy. You know, in that way.”

Riordan laughed, grabbed her daughter’s blushing cheeks between her fingers, and said, ” And what way would that be?”

The heat on Siobhan’s face deepened. “Dating. I’m not used to seeing you with anybody but Daddy. It’s, well, it’s just different that’s all.”

When her mother’s arms came around her shoulders to pull her into a hug, Siobhan confessed, “I miss him so much. Every day. I wish he was here, right now, helping us set up.”

“I miss him too, Honey. Every hour of every day. And especially at night.” She pulled back, her bright blue eyes staring into her daughter’s beautiful green ones. “I know it’s weird seeing me with Ted, but I really think Lucius would be fine with this. He loved me and he loved Ted.  And we both loved him. I think he would be happy that we’re together.”

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#tuesdaytease MAGIC’S CHARM, new episode drop on #kindlevella

Yesterday, episode 2 of my new Vella story MAGIC’S CHARM dropped and today I’m giving you a little tease of that chapter.

The dressing room door opened and Rhys had to put his hands in his pockets when he saw her. The absolute craving to reach and touch her was so strong he was shocked by it. Ebony hair flew down around her shoulders to her back ending at her waist, free and unadorned. On the stage, he’d thought the sheen had been from the harsh stage lights. Seeing her hair now, unlit and natural, he realized the glistening came from the woman herself. She’d removed the dramatic eye makeup, but he could see that her lashes were naturally long and not from the application of artifice. The rosy glow on her cheeks wasn’t from a blusher. Her naked lips were plump and wanton, and for a hot minute, Rhys fantasized about tugging at them with his own.

She’d changed into a simple green sheath dress that ended just at her knees, giving him an ample view of long, slender, toned calves. Metallic 5-inch stilettos shod her feet making her eye level with him.

“Let’s go down to the lounge,” she said, “Pierre has a private section for us and we won’t be disturbed while we wait for Evan.”

He nodded and let her lead the way, delighted to watch her slender hips sway beneath the well-fitting dress.

Episodes 1-3 are always free to read on Vella. Watch for the third one this Thursday, Feb 2.

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#KindleVella workshop reminder

Hey kids – just popping in to remind all you romance writers and RWA members that I’m presenting a workshop this Saturday on the RWA website for those of you who want to know about Kindle Vella.

Here’s the link to join – it’s $25 for RWA members and $ 50 for non. And you don’t have to write romance to join us. The KindleVella platform is open to all genres of fiction writing. : Kindleforbeginners

If you’ve been considering adding your work to this platform, this class is for you. I’ll tell you all the ins and outs to get your story uploaded and in front of new readers.

Hope to see you Saturday.

This is a Zoom workshop and the link will be sent to you if you register. The class is being recorded.


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Romance Writers: I’ve got a class for you!

I am tickled pink to announce that on March 26, I will be teaching an online course through RWA titled KINDLE VELLA FOR BEGINNERS.

Since I’ve had such success with this new Amazon platform I was asked by the President of the RWA to give a workshop to other Romance Writers on the topic. I was humbled to be asked, believe me.

The cost of the class is $25.00 ( the price may be higher for non-RWA members) and here’s what we’ll be covering in the two hours:

•What Kindle Vella is

•How it works

•The kind of content is allowed

•How do you start a story and publish it

•How authors get paid

•How readers use it

If this looks like something of interest to you, here’s the registration. Just Scroll down until you see my listing – it’s the third one. VELLA FOR BEGINNERS

Registration is open now until March 25th and ANY WRITER may attend – whether you are an RWA member or not.

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A new #KINDLEVELLA series from me…

Many of you may know that before I wrote full length novel fiction, I dabbled in literary short stories. I did well, too. Had over 30 published. A goodly amount of thosse stories were murder mysteries – at the time, my favorite form of reading material.


Recently, I transposed my favorites of those spooky tales and am now releasing one story a week on my Vella account.

The title of the series is called DEATH BETWEEN THE PAGES ( get it??!! LOL) and here’s the blurb and cover:

A cheating husband. A group of widows. A hospital bed. A priest. What do they all have in common?


I plan on releasing one new story a week until they run out – or I write some new ones.

If you’re looking for some thriller/suspense/spooky tales this Halloween season, check the series out. The first episode is free.

Happy reading, kids. And don’t forget to keep the lights on while you are. Hee Hee ~ Peg


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A KINDLE VELLA giveaway and promotion…

I’ve joined with 11 other VELLA writers to give you a chance to win a $170 Amazon giftcard in this amazing giveway.

Just click on the following link to enter: VELLA Scroll down.Follow the instructions and enter to win! Easy Peasy.

If you are new to VELLA, here’s a little about VINDICATION, my current episodic story ( new episodes are listed every monday-wednesday)

Someone is murdering teenage girls in Washington, DC. The FBI’s special division, the SPCD – the Sexual Predators of Children – has been working the case for the past 6 months. When a Senator’s daughter goes missing, the team, lead by Tucker Petrie, has to call on retired profiler – and his past partner – Kella O’Brian. Reluctantly, she rejoins the team and they search for a link to the girls who have been abducted, then killed.

Start reading today here: https://www.amazon.com/kindle-vella/story/B09B2P9XL4

ONE FINAL NOTE: you DO NOT have to sign up for my newsletter like the promo says because my newsletter is now defunct. You can enter and just like the read pages listed. Mailchimp corrupted my recent newsletter and it was just easier to delete the account.


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So, I did a thing. #KindleVella

As if I didn’t have enough on my professional plate, I recently took on another project: I signed up as a Kindle Vella author.

I know….

But…in this ever changing and growing world of book publishing, authors need to try different venues to get their work seen by readers and Kindle Vella is the newest way to do that.

In the Victorian age in England, episodic series stories would appear weekly in the newspapers. Charles Dickens was a big proponent of his stories being seen by the masses this way, people who couldn’t afford a real book, but would read the chapters of the book weekly for a penny.

Since newspapers seem to be a dying breed these days with digital reading the easiest way to get your daily info, podcasts and ebooks and reading on your phones is becoming more and more popular each day. Kindle Vella was made for people who like to read this way.

Here’s a very thorough description of how Vella works for readers: Kindle Vella Reader experience. Just clink on the individual links to see how to load the app, read stories, etc.

The coo thing to me as a reader is that if you don’t like the story, you don’t have to worry you’ve paid for a book you don’t want, because you pay as you go, separately fo reach episode. Cool beans, that!

So, a little backstory. 175 years ago, when I was a fledgling writer, I was obsessed with serial killers. I wrote several books that are stuffed in a drawer and will never see the light of day, but the one I submitted to Vella – VINDICATION – was one I lovedlovedloved writing. And I hope you like reading it.

The first 3 chapters you can read for free. I plan on putting up three chapters/episodes per week until it’s done and then start a new one.

Here, again, in the link to my story: VINDICATION

Someone is murdering teenage girls in Washington, DC.

The FBI’s special division, the SPCD – the Sexual Predators of Children – has been working the case for the past 6 months. When a Senator’s daughter goes missing, the team, lead by Tucker Petrie, has to call on retired profiler – and Tucker’s past partner – Kella O’Brian. Reluctantly, she rejoins the team as they search for a link to the girls who have been abducted, then killed. When the killer strikes close to Kella’s home, the case turns to a decidedly different path.

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