#kindlevella MAGIC’S CHARM #episode 4

Episode 4 dropped today in my new KindleVella story MAGIC’S CHARM. Here’s a taste for those following ( and those that should be, LOL!) This is the delicate balance between mothers and daughters when mom decides to date again….

“I went out to dinner with Ted after the show.”

“Oh.” She bit the inside of her bottom lip, the quartet of balls still jostling in the air. “I didn’t realize he’d come to the show. I didn’t see him.”

“He called early last night before we went on and said he was coming over after. He wanted to talk about…some things.”

“Pretty late dinner,” Siobhan said.

“We went dancing afterward, Siobhan, at the Crystal room.”


Riordan’s lips twisted into a droll line. “I am an adult, Honey. I don’t have a curfew anymore, and haven’t for quite some time.”

Siobhan stared up into her mother’s laughing eyes, grabbed all four balls as they fell down into her hands, and gave her mother a sheepish grin. “Sorry, mom. I guess I’m still, well, not used to seeing you with uncle Ted and not daddy. You know, in that way.”

Riordan laughed, grabbed her daughter’s blushing cheeks between her fingers, and said, ” And what way would that be?”

The heat on Siobhan’s face deepened. “Dating. I’m not used to seeing you with anybody but Daddy. It’s, well, it’s just different that’s all.”

When her mother’s arms came around her shoulders to pull her into a hug, Siobhan confessed, “I miss him so much. Every day. I wish he was here, right now, helping us set up.”

“I miss him too, Honey. Every hour of every day. And especially at night.” She pulled back, her bright blue eyes staring into her daughter’s beautiful green ones. “I know it’s weird seeing me with Ted, but I really think Lucius would be fine with this. He loved me and he loved Ted.  And we both loved him. I think he would be happy that we’re together.”


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