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Photo of the day, day 64

So this picture is so funny to me. I took it while I was sitting in Planet Fitness the other day waiting for hubby to finish showering. As I was sitting there one of the PF employees began washing the floor. Lots of snow makes for sloppy, slushy and sandy footprints, so she was scheduled to wash it all up.

AS she got closer to me I asked if she wanted me to move. She said no, she would swab around me.

This is how she swabbed around me. Notice the floor next to me was never touched. If that had been me I would have asked the person to at least lift their feet so I could get under the table and chair.

Nope. She washed in front of me, never next to me or any other way.

Le sigh…. when did we lose our sense of pride at a job well done. I’m getting too old…


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