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Opinions are like a body part—you know which one!

Recently, I’ve been seeing a lot of posts on author friend websites that start like this: “Just got a 2 star rating on my latest book. The reader really hated it. I’m out on a ledge! Send help!”

Well, maybe not that dramatic, but you get my meaning. The writer is upset because someone read and didn’t like their book and told “the world” through Amazon, or Goodreads, or whatever other venue they spew on. As a writer, I know how much this hurts. I wonder, do the readers know what this does to us?

Do they realize that reviews are the equivalent of  performance job reviews for us? And that just because a book didn’t resonate with them for whatever reason, it doesn’t mean it won’t with some other ( or thousands of!!!) reader(s)?

Do readers understand that places that sell our books like Amazon and Barnes and Noble, publish any and all reviews, not just the good ones? And that marketing plans, promotional updates, even placement decisions can and are made based on those reviews.

I had a person ( I use the term loosely) give me a 1 rating on a book that had nothing but 5 stars, stating I wrote the wrong story. I should have written the story of the subplot people as my main story. I wanted to respond to her review by stating, “No, bitch. I wrote the story I wanted to. If you thought it should be written differently, then you write that story, but don’t be bad mouthing me because you didn’t agree with what I wrote. How would you feel if I went to where you work and told everyone what a lousy worker you are? ” Now, of course, I didn’t do that. But I wanted to. I really did.

The whole review and rating system is cockeyed to me anyway. Most people who review it don’t even really understand the system. Think of it like you’re back in school. An A was 90-100, B 80-90, C 70-80, d 65-70 and anything below that an F. I’ve had reviewers write they loved the book but then gave it a 3. So, you loved it but it was only worth 70 points? And what does that 70 equate to, anyway? You can’t purchase 70 % of a book. Or 70 pages. Or pay 70% of the listed price.

See? The system is screwy.

I review new books for Netgalley. If I can’t rate a book as a 4 or 5, I don’t review it. It’s not because I’m basically a nice person ( because I’m not! Not even close.) It’s more that I know there was something about the book that didn’t resonate with me as a reader, but will, I’m sure, with someone else. I don’t think it’s my job, or place, to write a scathing review ( or a nasty one, or a snarky one). My books aren’t perfect and they don’t sit well with every reader, either. I put myself in the writer’s place when I’m reviewing and I know what a bad review does to my soul. I won’t intentionally hurt anyone’s feelings that way. The flip side is I’ve simply adored many books that other people rated 1,2, or 3’s and then wrote bad reviews of.

I recently replied to an author who was lamenting the poor rating she got on a book from a reviewer and was second-guessing her own writing ability. I wrote, “Opinions are like a**Holes: everybody has one, and reviews are basically opinions.” I meant it. One bad review does not end a career. It hurts the soul, deflates the ego, and causes tears, but ultimately, it’s just another opinion.

The kicker? as writers, we need reviews for marketing, promoting, and to get the word out about our books. Even some of the biggest bestsellers in history had some horrible reviews, though. And they still sold.

So. Reviews. A necessary evil for writers. My advice for bad ones? Develop a thick skin and laugh it off, because, ultimately, you published a book and the chances the reviewer did are practically nil, so you’re already ahead of the pack!

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#October: A Month of Pink

If you follow me on Instagram you may have noticed that most of my picture postings in October were filtered in pink. I did that intentionally because October is National Breast Cancer awareness month.

I don’t usually use any of my social media sites as a platform. That’s not my intention when I’m on Face book or Twitter. It’s to entertain. But this is a topic too important for too many reasons not to use my voice for empowerment and education.

So all through October, I’ve been subconsciously getting you to see pink every time you looked at one of my photos. Why the subterfuge? Because it’s a lot easier to get your point across to someone when they don’t know you’re trying to make one! Sneaky? Yes. Manipulative? Oh yeah. Shrewd and cunning? Hell to the yes!


I have found throughout my long, long life that it’s easier to persuade, educate, and influence someone else by speaking softly and being consistent with a message. I could write a blog every single day about why mammograms are important; why self breast exams are necessary; why genetic screening for family histories of breast cancer are imperative.

But you would read one, maybe 2 or 3 three blogs, and then tune me out. Fact of life, peeps.

By subliminally having you see the color pink every single day in October you would start to question ( as many of you have, evidenced by the emails I’ve gotten!) why all my posts are filtered in that color. Even the memes in this blog piece are all pink, another subliminal message and reminder.

Now you know why.

Are you pissed at me? Maybe. Probably. Because who wants to be manipulated, right?
But will you remember that October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, now? Yuppers. Will you schedule your mammogram soon? Hopefully. Did I do some good being such a cunning little writer-girl? That’s to be seen….

When I’m not being calculating, wily, and devious, you can usually find me here: Tweet Me//Read Me// Visit Me//Picture Me//Pin Me//Friend Me//Google+Me// Triber// Book Me

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End of week 3, 1 more to go!; #GoddessFishBlogTour

three weeks of the tour ends today with a visit to T’s Stuff. Drop by, Learn things. Leave love and take a crack at that $25.00 Amazon GC!

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…and another #GoddessFishBlogTour stop

I’m tired. Are you? Hee hee. This has been a world wind tour, that’s for sure. Today I’m 2 places at once. ( Didn’t know I was magical, did you?!) I’m over on Read Your Writes Book Reviews and Rachel Brimble’s Romance blog. Stop by both – you get 2 chances at that Amazon GC if you comment on each. Leave me some encouragement and love, though, too!

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And the fun continues….#GoddessFishBlogTour

Today’s stop takes me to IT’S RAINING BOOKS. Love the name of this blog!!!! Stop by. Leave love. PLEASE!!!!! There’s a question I ask readers at the end of the interview that I’d like to get some answers to. Thanks, in advance!

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#BookPromo continues…..

Day: somewhere in the 3rd week

Stop: author K.T. Castle’s blog

Subject: 10 things every kitchen needs

Drop by…leave love….take a chance at a $25.oo Amazon card.

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#GoddessFishBlog tour Week 3…are you sick of me yet?? #LOL

Haha. A valid question!!! I’ve got 2 weeks more to go on my book tour and today I’m  doing a little author Q&A over at Independent Authors. Stop by and leave love. Also, take a chance on the $25.00 Amazon gift card. And don’t forget: Order your copy of A SHOT AT LOVE today!!! Here’s the buy link for that ( shameless promo!)

Amazon   B&N

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Week 2 of the #BookTour wrap-up

Just in case you missed any of the tour stops for week 2, here’s a listing with links. Be sure to drop by, leave some love, and be entered for a chance to win an Amazon GC at the end of the tour.

Monday, October 2 Danita Minnis

Tuesday, October 3 Up ’til Dawn Book Blog

Wednesday, October 4 Hearts and Scribbles and Nickie’s Reviews and Interviews

Thursday, October 5 Nancy Fraser

Friday, October 6  Fabulous, and Brunette   and Two Ends of the Pen


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#GoddessFishBlogtour…. day: I have no idea!!!

I’m not kidding with the title! I’ve lost track of all the stops I’ve made so far and I have 2 more weeks to go!!! Today I am over  on Fabulous and Brunette and Two Ends of the Pen talking about. Stop by and take a chance at a $25 Amazon GC when the tour ends.

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Favorite Book Quotes #MFRWAuthors

Last week we were charged with giving our readers our favorite quotes. Today, it’s our favorite books quotes. I actually quote from books a lot in my everyday life, especially when something happens that requires it. So, in no order, here are my favorite book quotes:

“I knew I could!” from The Little Engine That Could. Best book about self-motivation EVAH!

Has there ever been a better expression of love than Pooh to Piglet, in Winnie the Pooh?

I read The Lord of the Rings a million-bazillion years ago but this quote still resonates.

Everyone who knows me knows what a HUGE J.D. Robb fan I am. There are simply too many fabulous quotes throughout the IN DEATH series for me to choose my favorite, but here are some of my favs because they all go to the character of Eve Dallas.


From my spirit guide to the romance world, Jane Austen, I give you these: 

Genius. Pure genius.






I can’t wait to see what favorite book quotes are listed for all the other fabulous authors in this blog hop. Click on the links below to visit them.



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