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25 Days of Christmas Ornaments, day 11

So in a previous blog post I told you all that I have over 120 pairs of shoes.

Don’t judge. I’ve worn each and every one of them at least once. Many have had to be re-soled I’ve worn them so much. And despite what hubster thinks, I am not channeling Imelda Marcos. I truly love shoes and wear different pairs all the time.

I remind you of this because of today’s ornament. Several years ago I went shopping with a friend to buy shoes for a wedding. I would up with three pair that day because I couldn’t make up my mind which would go best with the dress. I fully intended to return the two that didn’t.


I found two other outfits in my closet they went perfectly with them, so…

Again – no judging.

For Christmas that year she gifted me this ornament:

And I kinda think the text says it all.

More tomorrow, peeps.




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25 Days of Christmas Ornaments, day 8

Yesterday was about my human baby, today is all about my fur babies – present and past.

I was married about seven months when my husband came home and said he thought we should get a dog.

I agreed, so we searched the local papers and found a dog owner whose female black lab had recently given birth to twelve pups. She had one left – the runt of the litter – and she came home with us that day.

Ella may have been the last pup born but she was by no stretch of the imagination a “runt.” At one point she topped the scales at 120 pounds. This may have been my fault because once I was pregnant, she and I had MacDonald’s three times a week. I got a big mac and fries, she got a hamburger happy meal.

This ornament is from 1988, her very first Christmas with us. She lived until 12 years of age and I miss her still every day.

At one point when my daughter was six she decided she wanted a cat, so we brought a little stray from the Humane Society home with us and named her Felina Catina after a cat-character in a children’s book I wrote. My daughter made this of Felina’s first Christmas as part of our family.

I actually had a picture ornament for her, but it broke several years ago.

During Covid, Hubster and I decided – like about a billion other people – to adopt a new dog into our family. Let me tell you from experience that it’s very different having a puppy when you are in your 20s than when you are in your 60s. 12 pound Maple came to us three days shy of her 8 week birthday and we fell in love immediately. I mean, look at that face! 18 months old now she is still highly loved – but tipping the scales at close to 100 pounds, anxious and with a severe case of FOMO which dictates she be with us EVERY WAKING SECOND ( hahaha), this dog is no easy little pup any longer.

But we still love her to the moon and back!

Preserve the images of your fur babies on ornaments, kids. You’ll keep them with you forever.

~ peg


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25 Days of Christmas Ornaments day 7

It’s no secret if you know me you know I simply adore my daughter. She represents everything good I ever tried to do in my life and makes each day I wake up on this earth a joyous one for me.

Today, I actually have 2 favorite ornaments to share and they both concern that darling girl.

The first comes from 1994 and my daughter made it her first year in school for me as a mother’s Christmas present. Her teacher had all the children make one for their moms. Love that sososo much!

Because she is a major “star” in my life story, she is also a featured star – literally!- on my tree each year.

The second ornament is from last year. After delaying their wedding for a year due to Covid, and then realizing they might have to do so again for another year, they decided to just simply take the plunge. It was a glorious day in September when they pledged themselves together for life, and were surrounded by family – all masked – in her hubby’s home church.

Every time I look at this ornament I smile, remembering that wonderful day.

You can’t beat family for making great ornament themes, peeps!



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25 Days of Christmas Ornaments day #6

Yesterday’s ornament was all about good friends. Today’s is about family.

In the past four years my mother-in-law and my father-in-law have both died. Not, thankfully from this ridiculous virus, but from causes of old age, a life of good living, and what the professionals call natural causes.

I miss them. It’s as simple as that. I know my husband’s family mourn the loss of both their parents terribly and I feel for them. But I miss them, too. They were both such influential people in my life. While my father-in-law and I had – at times – a tortured relationship, he was only a handful of people who I have truly admired in my life. He influenced me in so many ways I would need a book to list them all.

My mother-in-law was – without a doubt – the nicest person I have ever had the pleasure to meet, know, and love. She perpetually smiled, was always welcoming to everyone, and never had an unkind word to say. How many people in our lives can we truly say were genuinely kind like that?

So, with their father’s passing this year, my sister-in-law Kathleene gifted her siblings with a lovely remembrance that simply speaks to how wonderful their parents were.

What a wonderful ornament, no? I adore it and it sits in a place of honor on our tree and will for the rest of our lives.

Hug your parents, kids. YOu never know how long you’ll be blessed to have them with you.



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25 Days of Christmas Ornaments day #5

Family and friends are two of the most important factors that keep me sane. Admittedly, I don’t have very many close friends and all my family comes to me from my husband, but the people I do hold close I cherish, dearly.

A few years ago one of my good girlfriends gave each of us a special ornament that sits in the very front, top of my tree every year.

You may not know all of us individually, but this ornament is a pretty good depiction of what we look like ( only my hair was longer!)

If the past 20 months have taught us anything it should be that we must cherish those people nearest and dearest to us. You have no idea what tomorrow may bring – loss of life from a ridiculous virus being the most unpredictable. My heart simply aches for all those who have died from this pandemic and those who never go to hold them and say goodbye or tell them how much they meant before they did.

Tell the people who mean the most to you that you love them – EVERY SINGLE DAY and then show it in as many ways as you can.

And if you can, buy them an ornament like this one, hee hee

~ Peg

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The 25 Ornaments of Christmas, day 2

So, here’s a fact: I’m a girl.

I know: surprising, right?

Hee hee

I tell you this because of today’s favorite ornament, given to me by Hubby in 1999

If you are a toy connoisseur you recognize this as Rock’Em Sock’Em Robots, a very popular toy in the 1960s. I wanted this toy. Bad! I put it on my list to Santa 3 years running from 1965-68. When the third Christmas morning without finding it under the tree occurred, my mother said, with a cigarette in one hand a cup of black coffee in the other and her hair in pink rollers, “That toy is for boys. Santa doesn’t bring boy toys to girls or vice versa.”

That was a hard lesson for an 8-year-old to learn.

Fast forward 33 years. I am sitting around the dinner table at my inlaw’s house three days before Christmas when my father-in-law asks everyone around the table to tell about their favorite or least favorite present they received as a child. I told the above story and how devastated I was never to get Rock’em sock’em robots.

Christmas morning comes and we are all opening presents when I find a big box with my name on it under the tree. There’s a note on it that says, “To Peg, from Santa. Sorry this is so late.” I open the box and yup, there it is, the toy of my dreams, Rock’Em Sock’Em robots.

My very own Santa, aka Hubby, sent my brother-in-law to ToysRUs after he heard that story to get me the toy. Best Christmas evah!


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