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The 25 Ornaments of Christmas, day 2

So, here’s a fact: I’m a girl.

I know: surprising, right?

Hee hee

I tell you this because of today’s favorite ornament, given to me by Hubby in 1999

If you are a toy connoisseur you recognize this as Rock’Em Sock’Em Robots, a very popular toy in the 1960s. I wanted this toy. Bad! I put it on my list to Santa 3 years running from 1965-68. When the third Christmas morning without finding it under the tree occurred, my mother said, with a cigarette in one hand a cup of black coffee in the other and her hair in pink rollers, “That toy is for boys. Santa doesn’t bring boy toys to girls or vice versa.”

That was a hard lesson for an 8-year-old to learn.

Fast forward 33 years. I am sitting around the dinner table at my inlaw’s house three days before Christmas when my father-in-law asks everyone around the table to tell about their favorite or least favorite present they received as a child. I told the above story and how devastated I was never to get Rock’em sock’em robots.

Christmas morning comes and we are all opening presents when I find a big box with my name on it under the tree. There’s a note on it that says, “To Peg, from Santa. Sorry this is so late.” I open the box and yup, there it is, the toy of my dreams, Rock’Em Sock’Em robots.

My very own Santa, aka Hubby, sent my brother-in-law to ToysRUs after he heard that story to get me the toy. Best Christmas evah!



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