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The waiting game…

I sent in my first round of edits on my soon to be published romance novel two weeks ago, and once again I am playing the waiting game.

I’ll just say this plainly: I HATE WAITING.

I am not a good wait-or. I don’t like standing in lines waiting for stuff; I hate when something needs to be delivered via snail mail; I break out in hives when I’m waiting for a phone call.  Pregnancy was torture for me. 9 months. 9 long, laborious, months. It might as well have been a lifetime.  It certainly felt like one.

The road to publication is not a short one. I knew that going in. What I didn’t know was that I’d be so stressed with the time frame. I almost wish I was on a time crunch deadline. THAT I can relate to and work through. Deadlines are my friends – always have been. I actually do some of my best work when I’m on a deadline.

I know my editor told me she would get back to me within 30 days. 15 have already gone by so that’s half way, right? Home stretch time, correct? I should be sitting back, just working on book three in the series ( I am, truthfully), and not worrying.

Not gonna happen. I’m a worse worrier than I am wait-or.

Waiting and worrying.

This is my life…..


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The invasion of the edits….

I have been up to my eyebrows in my first professional edits for the past few days, so I have not been able to blog much. Oh, who am I kidding: I haven’t had a moment to pee, much less blog!

I want to get these done correctly, quickly and accurately, so to the exclusion of housework, laundry and grocery shopping – the milk for breakfast didn’t taste so great – I have been diligently editing. Page after page. Paragraph after paragraph.

Thankfully, I didn’t have to change any of the plot or story line. Just tweak some tenses, kill some commas, and omit some superfluous phrasing.

Ah, the pleasures of having a novel in pre-production.

Release date will be forthcoming, so stay tuned.

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Ideas…I’ve got a million of ’em…

While I was working on my current WIP today, I got sidelined by an idea that wouldn’t go away. I kept shushing it, telling it I would get to it eventually, but I wanted to get my word count in for the day first. Damn idea wouldn’t shut up. It forced me to stop working on what I should have been working on and forced me to pay attention to it.

For two entire hours.

I hate getting sidetracked by pushy ideas.

This usually happens to me when I am deeply asleep, huddled under the comforter, blanketed by warmth and dreams. All of a sudden I will be shot bolt upright, a pushy idea running through the front of my brain, waking me up in a heartbeat and demanding attention. It’s like that sick little kid who comes into your room in the dead of night, wakes you up because he needs to throw up, does, and then goes back to sweet slumber while you are now forced wide awake for the rest of the night.

I used to not get up and write the ideas down. I figured I’d remember them in the morning. Not so much, really. What I did remember when I woke was that I’d had a great idea in the middle of the night but now I couldn’t remember it for the life of me.

That got old really fast so I started getting up and writing the damn things down. Then, and only then, would I be able to get back to sleep. When I woke up in the morning, I could remember not a thing, but I had the brilliant idea written down, so, yea!

But now my waking hours are being intruded upon, and I only have so many of them to devote to writing that I am starting to really get annoyed with these pushy, must be dealt with right now  ideas.

Think Ritalin would help?

You’re right: probably not. Oh well. At least I can sleep again.

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E-D-I-T is a four letter word

“So the writer who breeds more words than he needs, is making a chore for the reader who reads.”
― Dr. Seuss

I love me some Theodore Geisel!

Truly though, as a writer, I feel my words are my babies. I impregnate the page with them, nurture them through sentence structure and thought processes, expell them into a full story and then foster their development and maturation into a finished manuscript. Then I sit back and revel in their brilliance. And no one had better say a disparaging or unkind word about them or they will suffer my mamma lion wrath.

And then, reality sets in… and I edit.

Editing is a lot like trying to lose weight. You have all this extra weight ( the words) that is making you feel heavy and lugubrious (telling, not showing, non-action words, fragmented sentences). You need to go on a weight reduction plan ( edit) to loose those unwanted pounds. Along the way you struggle, cheat, become discouraged, plateau, feel deprived, and then – if you are lucky – shed that unwanted and not-needed poundage. Now, you hopefully have a beach body. Or, in other words, at this point you have a manuscript that is cohesive, thought provoking and tightly written.

I have been sequestered for days, foregoing all pleasurable aspects of life such a watching Housewives of NYC and Major Crimes,  eating, and exercising, in order to edit a piece that has a very good shot at publication.  I am determined to “get the weight off” this piece and make it the best thing I can write.

My hair is suffering from all the pulling I am doing and my fingers are beginning to go numb from typing. But, I am pressing on and killing my babies – as Stephen King says – and whittling down the words, the fat, the bloated sentences.

I will be beach body ready soon!

My words, though they flow, are more tell than show. So I’ll  cut them and prune them, and hope I don’t ruin them.

Dr. Seuss has nothing to worry about!



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