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Books-to-Movie Adaptations.

We all have a favorite book that we would just love to see made in to the best movie ever. We can name the celebs we want to star in it, the location,  the director and maybe the music composer. I recently did a shout out to my Facebook peeps, asking them to tell me their favorite book-to-movie adaptations. Some of the replies included:

Girl Interrupted

CiderHouse Rules

The Horse Whisperer

The Firm

The Notebook

A Time To Kill

The Shining

Hunger Games

Sense and Sensibility

and my favorite: The Kiera Knightley version of Pride and Prejudice

All of these books were fabulous as were their movies and I saw and read them all, so I have to agree with the choices.

We’ve all read and fallen in love with books that we wish, hope, and dream will be made into a movie worthy of the book. Many times, tho, that dream falls short and dies on the cutting room floor for whatever reason. I think the above movies were such good adaptions of the books they were based on because many things came together well. Great casting, a rich screenplay and a screenwriter who actually got the book and characters, a director who stayed true to the writer’s vision and excellent settings.  All of the above films had wonderful casts – I mean, really, Robert Redford, Matthew McConaughey, Alan Rickman, Emma Thompson, Sandra Bullock, Ryan Gosselin, Charleze Theron…..come on. Big screen royalty, one and all. The scripts actually used dialogue from the books ( always the best way to go!), and the directors didn’t try to insinuate their visions into the movie – they took their own and adapted them to fit the book – again, always the best way to go!

SO, what was your favorite book-to-movie adaptation, and why? Let’s discuss….

If they made a movie of my recent book FIRST IMPRESSIONS ( shameless plug, here!) I’d like it to star Matt Bomber as Padric and Julia Roberts during her Steel Magnolias era as Clarissa. Two very hot peeps! Those of you who have read my book – and God Bless you always! – what do you think of my choices??

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