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Meanwhile at the grocery store….

I know I share what happens at the gym with you guys from time to time, but I want you to know what happened at the grocery store yesterday.

You know that person you always see who goes to the grocery story hungry, buys junk food they shouldn’t – because they are hungry(!) – and then, once they are in the parking lot, opens the junk food and eats it in the car? Yup. Me, yesterday morning. I went to the gym…I got hungry…the rest is history and  the results of my craziness will be showing up on my fat a** now ( not to mention the scale).

My husband asked me to get an adult beverage for him for the weekend because we are expecting guests and he wanted to have some beer in the house. No worries, I told him. At the checkout line, the checkout girl was someone I know. She says, “Mrs. Jaeger, I need to see your ID. I need to make sure you are legal to buy this ( beer). Now, This child could be my granddaughter….probably. Definitely my daughter. I was so thrilled to be 175 years old and getting carded, I sang the whole way home ( while I was eating the junk food!) I didn’t get carded when I was hanging out in bars when I was underage ( and this could be a blog topic all by itself!) To be this old and get carded – that girl made my week! ( it doesn’t take much, folks. I live a boring life.)

So, have you ever shopped hungry and regretted it because of a purchase you shouldn’t have made? Let’s discuss…..

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