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A visit with Kat Doran and Keenan Rossi #CandyHeartsRomances


Today I am pleased to have fellow Candy Hearts author, Veronica Lynch, visiting. She’s brought Keenan Rossi, from For Keeps, with her. (By the way, For Keeps was recently awarded 5th place in the International Digital Awards contest out of Oklahoma Romance Writers. Placing 5th is a huge deal as the number of contest entries went into triple digits.)

Keenan Rossi. Yeah?

Sorry to interrupt your nap, Detective. We’d like to know a bit about For Keeps. Yeah, okay. I’m awake now and don’t mind talking about my Meggie [Meghan Muldoon], how we met and how, through events beyond my control, she decided to ‘keep me’.

What did you think the first time you saw Meg? It was at the beginning of the monthly Crime Stats meeting, where reps from all local law enforcement agencies meet to discuss crime trends and share information on like crimes. This tall, leggy redhead walked in and my tongue hit the floor—along with every other guy’s in the room. Then I dribbled hot coffee down the front of my shirt. Not a pretty picture.

What do you like most about her? She’s not intimidated by men who wield their power with a club—or other body parts located below their belt buckles. I don’t mean that she’s a ball buster, but she knows what she wants, how to get it and isn’t afraid to go for it.

Why do you think that is? She spent a lot of time with the US Air Force’s Office of Special Investigations. Not an easy road for a woman but she held her own among some pretty nasty situations.

How would you describe her? Smart, savvy and compassionate. With legs that go clear to her ear lobes.

How would Meghan describe you? Career-focused, intense, and if things don’t go my way I tend to get grouchy. Truth be told, I haven’t pouted in at least five days.

What made you choose law enforcement for a career? Like Meggie, I spent a few years with the military though I was a lowly MP. After I mustered out of the service, police work seemed like the natural course. I’ve never regretted the choice.

Who is your favorite fictional character and why? My current terrific three are Lucas Davenport and Virgil Flowers, both written by John Sandford, and Walt Longmire, created by Craig Johnson. I like Davenport’s humor and wouldn’t mind having some of his money [he’s the richest cop in Minnesota]. I envy Virgil’s easy manner with women. And I appreciate Walt’s commitment to the community. Wish he’d find a woman though. Bad thing when a man spends his golden years alone because he’s too damn stubborn to do something about it.

Last question, Keenan: when you want to romance Meg, what do you do? That’s an easy one: I turn on “Heavenly”, her favorite Johnny Mathis CD, pour her a big glass of Merlot and drop a couple dozen yellow roses in her lap. Watch out.

What a softy. Anything else you’d care to add for our visitors? The powers that be at Wild Rose Press tell me For Keeps is on sale, 40% off, at the TWRP bookstore from now through Valentine’s Day. Be there, folks. This one’s got a pisser of an ending. Heh heh.

Now, we have a few questions for Veronica. What movies or books have had an impact on your career as a writer? As a teenager I read Mila 18 by Leon Uris and was so touched, I checked Exodus out of the school library. In my adult years, Mr. Uris continued to affect me with QB VII, Trinity and Redemption. They knocked my socks off.

As for movies, I have an eclectic list: Miracle; Steel Magnolias; The Official Story [this is about the consequences of Argentina’s Dirty War]; Defiance; The Stoning of Soraya M; Major League and Veronica Guerin. More recently, last year’s Oscar winner, Spotlight, kept me riveted.

What event in your private life were you able to bring to this story and how do you feel it impacted the story? For more years than I can count I was closely involved with our local rape advocacy program. Forming effective, positive working relationships with police officers was often like patrolling the DMZ, watching my back and keeping an eye out for land mines. It was. . . the best of times—but for many reasons, not the most healthy for me personally. The phone call between Keenan and Meg early on in the story really happened, minus the sexual innuendos. I still get a smile on my face when I think about the cop who scared himself.

Tell us a bit about your publisher. I have been associated with The Wild Rose Press almost since its inception. I was previously published by Wings Press. After I saw the way editors at TWRP operate, I obtained the rights to the books I had with Wings and brought them over to TWRP. I’ve never regretted the move. I have a great editor, Nicole D’Arienzo, who knows the ins and outs of good editing. I appreciate her insight and ideas for making my writing stronger.

What project[s] are you working on now? Writing as Kat Henry Doran, I was honored to be part of the Maine Romance Writers anthology, Welcome to Serenity Harbor with my romantic novella It Had To Be You. I hope to be involved with the second edition. The first line is already committed to paper: “I’m pregnant.”

What are you reading right now? Bellevue: Three Centuries of Medicine n Mayhem at America’s Most Storied Hospital by David Oshinsky. It’s fascinating.

What’s up next for you? Writing as Kat Henry Doran, I’m working with six indie authors on an anthology of stories set in and around a resort-casino in the Buffalo/Niagara Falls New York area. This is going to be a lot of fun to pull off.



Meghan Muldoon is at a cross-roads in her life: struggling to balance the demands of a high stress vocation as an advocate for victims of violence with her feelings for Keenan Rossi, a man who wants to make their relationship permanent.

On Valentine’s Day, a series of routine crises force Meg to question staying in a profession which fulfills her both professionally and spiritually—or devoting the rest of her life to the one person who completes her.

Which one is For Keeps?


“Crime Victim Services. How may I help you?”

The caller’s voice was low, husky, and exquisitely male. “Do you know the difference between a barracuda and a victim advocate?”

Her heart skipped a beat. “Lip gloss.”

“Well damn,” Kee muttered. “You already heard it.”

“An oldie but a goodie, pal.”

“Aren’t we all. How you doin’ on this gorgeous February day, gorgeous?”

Bringing his handsome face to mind took no great effort. They had worked together for more years than either cared to count. When the relationship progressed beyond professional Meg felt they should keep things under the radar. At first Keenan agreed, claiming he wasn’t in the mood tor any crap from his peers about exploring his feminine side. But after a while he began to push for something more permanent. And she wasn’t so sure she was ready for that, especially marriage. Meg liked being able to come and go as she pleased, responsible only to herself, and for herself.

Even though she heard the tease in his voice now, she was still smarting from last night so proceeded with caution. “Not too bad. How’s by you?”

“Lemme tell you, cara. If I was any better, I’d scare myself.”

To learn more about Veronica Lynch and Kat Henry Doran and the stories they create, go to:



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A visit with Kat Henry Doran

Today I have the pleasure of introducing you to a fabulous author. Serendipity introduced us, and it’s been a real pleasure getting to know her and her writing work. Kat Henry Doran recently sat down and got the Peggy grilling ( read: nosey questions!). Kathy_LCRW_2

Author Interview Questions:

Kat, The Writer, Questions

  1. What drives you to write? Creating a logical and intriguing story based on the age-old question, “What if . . .”
  1. What genre(s) of Romance do your write, and why? For the last few years I’ve stuck with straight [meaning no suspense or mystery or h/h in jeopardy], fairly sweet [meaning no overt sex acts but plenty of tension] romances. For me they are fun and take me out of myself.
  1. What genre(s) of Romance do you read, and why? Romantic Suspense. I want to see how the experts like Nora Roberts and Sandra Brown plot things out and create plausible endings.
  1. What’s your writing schedule? I write when I can which is not everyday. Plus, I need to feel the compulsion to write and that unfortunately doesn’t strike very often anymore.
  1. Give us a glimpse of the surroundings where you write. In the living room on my love seat with files of notes, reminders and magazine or newspaper articles beside me. The TV is running so I can watch my favorite shows or old faves in videos. Right now I’m on the seventh or eighth rerun of “Spotlight”. The plot and actors captivated me from the first viewing. Each time I watch it I see something new.
  1. Are you the kind of writer who needs total quiet to compose, or are you able to filter out the typical sounds of the day and use your tunnel vision? See my response to #5.
  1. Do you listen to music while you write? It depends on the story and charcters. With one novella I wore out a Best of Gershwin CD. With my WIP I’m doing Motown girl groups.
  1. How did you come up with the plot line/idea for your current WIP? It was during a visit to one of my favorite places on earth: Saranac Lake, NY, a small tourist town in the Adirondack Mountains, best known for successful treatments and cures for Tuberculosis prior to the development of anti-tubercular meds and is a few miles from Olympic history [1980 Miracle on Ice]. I drove around to familiarize myself with favorite haunts, took more than a few pictures and realized I had to set my next book in this place. Within hours I’d found the perfect location for the heroine’s home and place of work, a few secondary characters, and places for her and the hero to dine, shop and take their son to play.
  1. Which comes first for you – character or plot? Characters. Always. Because if I don’t fall in love with them and respect them, there’s no reason for a book. For me, everything else is built around the characters.
  1. What 3 words describes you, the writer? Imaginative, dreamy and driven. (Peggy here: love that description!)

Kat, The Person, Questions:

  1. Tell us one unusual thing about yourself – not related to writing! I am a retired nurse-paralegal, currently recovering from total hip replacement surgery. I could not walk without the aid of a cane and heavy duty pain killers for most of 2015. Today I can do almost anything—except dance the samba—and am completely pain free. It is wonderful and I’m so grateful.
  2. Who was your first love and what age were you? His name was Bill and I was 15.
  3. If you could relive one day, which one would it be? The day Bill and I broke up. It’s been 50 years or more and I still think of him. We’ve seen each other over the years—family weddings and funerals—and he’s as attractive now as he was then. I would explain what went wrong, why it happened, then ask him to forgive my thoughtlessness.
  4. Do you like a guy in boxers or briefs? Boxers never fail.
  5. If you had to give up one necessary-can’t-live-without-it beauty item, what would it be? My nightly facial mask.
  6. What three words describes you, the person? Sober. Loving. Relentless.
  7. If you could sing a song with Jimmy Fallon, what would it be? Who is Jimmy Fallon?
  8. If you could hang out with any literary character from any book penned at any time line, who would it by, why, and what would you do together? Vince Flynn, now deceased, wrote political thrillers featuring an ongoing character named Mitch Rapp. The way Mr. Flynn’s mind worked intrigues me. I’d have a long discussions with him on my three chief concerns:
  1. Mitch’s wife turned into a real buzz kill shortly after they married and began issuing ultimatums left and right. She needed to die much sooner than she did.
  2. Mitch’s attitude needs a major league adjustment—either from the POTUS [President of the United States] or the Director of the CIA.
  3. Mitch needs a woman in his life. Someone with a brain and a mouth. Maybe an ER or ICU nurse who values her career as much as he does his and who is comfortably living on her own without the need of a man with a super ego, yet offers the great Mitch Rapp exactly what he needs. Maybe she could deliver the needed adjustment. Actually, I’ve just described myself back in the day. Sigh.


Bonus round

I love the Actor’s Studio show on Bravo, so this is my version of it:

  1. Favorite sound. My grandchildren just goofing around.
  2. Least favorite sound. My grandchildren whining.
  3. Best song every written. Rhapsody in Blue.
  4. Worst song ever written. It’s a Small World After All
  5. Favorite actor and actress. Currently it’s Liev Schreiber, with Daniel Craig a close second, and Dame Judy Dench.
  6. Who would you want to be for 1 day and why? The Pope. I’d fix a few Cardinal wagons over in the Vatican, you betcha.
  7. What turns you on? My husband’s smile.
  8. What turns you off? Persons in power abusing those in a lesser position.
  9. Give me the worst 5 words ever heard on a first date. “And then I did this.” OR “Did I tell you I . . .”
  10. What’s your version of a perfect day? Sleeping late and waking on my own not to an annoying alarm clock. Coming to the living room and finding a pile of crossword puzzles to work on. Having an unending supply of fresh, dark roast iced coffee at my elbow. The Food Network or Say Yes to the Dress are playing on TV.


VENGEANCE IS MINE, Kat’s newest book



            Ever fantasize about going back to study hall to confront the school bully? The mean girls? The brainless jocks who made your life miserable?

For Dru Horvath, former gypsy orphan turned Pulitzer Prize winner; Rafe Archangeli, the Scourge of Summerville who is the recently appointed head of a multi-million dollar trust; and Fiona “Fat Aggie” Thorpe who recreated herself with an A-list modeling agency, the opportunity to exact vengeance is too good to pass up.

            Will they find vengeance against those who tormented them?

Or something more important?          

Buy Links

Create Space:             www.CreateSpace.com/5939143

*Amazon:                  http://www.amazon.com/dp/1522757694










Legal nurse consultant, forensic nurse examiner, victim advocate. Kathy Cottrell has been there and done that, many times over. Writing under the pseudonyms of Kat Henry Doran and Veronic Lynch, she travels to the wilds of Northern New York State, the wonders of mother nature at her best on the shores of Lake Ontario and the Saint Lawrence River to create stories of strong women and the men who love them.

When not writing she’s sewing – and occasionally serving as chauffeur to the four best things in her life: Meredith, Ashlin, Owen and Kiernan.

Join Kathy, Veronica, and Kat at:

email: WildWomenAuthors@yahoo.com

blogs: www.WildWomenAuthorsx2.blogspot.com




Facebook: www.Facebook.com/profile.php?id=100007251675720


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