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Some days I have simply nothing to say on my blog ( I know, hard to believe!) so I’m just going to say this for now:
Every day is a gift.
We’re not promised anything in this life – good, bad or other,
So begin each day as if it was the first day of your life and make it count; make it special; make it mean something…to you as well as others.
Be kind even in the face of cruelty,
Be loving even when dealing with hate,
Be quiet when all around you is raging
Be the person others think of when they talk about goodness.
Leading by example IS the best way to bring about change for the better.
I believe this and I live this.



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10 things I believe

Today’s blog is a little different because I’m not talking about writing ( for once!)

These are the top 10 things I believe with all my heart:

1. Good will always triumph over evil. ALWAYS

2.People are basically good; circumstances change them.

3.  If you eat fish for dinner and don’t empty the garbage right away your house will smell like stale, old…you got it!

4. Girlfriends are like fine bottles of Port(my favorite!)…they only get better with age.

5. If a woman says “fine,” when asked if something is wrong…run.

6.  If you have a choice to work for overtime pay or spend the day with your kid…ditch the OT. You can’t buy a memory      with overtime pay.

7.   Children are like flowers…they need food, attention, nurturing and most of all daily doses of love and affection to grow to be beautiful.

8.   Superman wins over Batman EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. DO not argue with me about this…you will lose.

9.   Bottle blondes have as much fun as natural blondes.

10. Laughter can cure just about anything; love certainly can.


Any thoughts? Let’s discuss…



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