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The Art of Seducing a Husband releases today! #ClairBrett #Victorianromance #historicalromance

One of my favorite authors ( and humans!) CLAIR BRETT has a new release today and I’m tickled she’s allowing me to share the deets with you all. THE ART OF SEDUCING A HUSBAND, book 5 in the Improper Wives for Proper Lords series is out today.

Anthony Colcord, Earl of Wolverton, is determined to rise above the legacy his parents left him and the rumors of his legitimacy. Losing his mother to suicide at nine left him fearing his own future. He will not become a monster like his father and to make sure of it, he must keep his new bride at a distance. If he does not let his emotions engage, he will remain level-headed. However, finding the perfect English bride untainted by the Ton and assuming he would not be attracted to her was his first mistake. His second mistake was thinking his friends would let him live in a loveless marriage.

Lady Jemma Colcord, Countess of Wolverton, was twelve when her parents perished in a barn fire. Her brother, the new Baron Pontefract, at sixteen and allowed his solicitors to convince him to send his sister to the New Hall school, run by nuns. Now grown, Jemma is determined to belong and have what she remembers her parents shared. However, her new husband seems content to leave her to rot in the country while he escapes to London without consummating their union. Undeterred, Jemma must rely on her new-found friends, including Lord Wolverton’s former courtesan, to teach her that which the nuns did not.

After an encounter at a function, Anthony decides he can have the best of both worlds. In the darkened closets and alcoves of the wealthiest homes, he plans on enjoying all his new wife offers. But, during the light of day away from a potential scandal, he must keep his distance and save his sanity.

The more Jemma tastes of her new husband only fuels her determination to not only win him for a tryst in a closet, but for her days as well.

In the ballrooms and hallways of London drawing rooms, a battle will wage for the most valiant of causes—Love.

Buy Links:

Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Seducing-Husband-Improper-Wives-Proper-ebook/dp/B0BRBQ61C8

Ibooks: https://books.apple.com/us/book/the-art-of-seducing-a-husband/id6445258870


Kobo:  https://www.kobo.com/us/en/ebook/the-art-of-seducing-a-husband

Bookbub: https://www.bookbub.com/books/the-art-of-seducing-a-husband-improper-wives-for-proper-lords-book-5-by-clair-brett  

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/75403203-the-art-of-seducing-a-husband

Books2Read, universal link:  https://books2read.com/Art-of-Seducing-a-Husband:

“Is it her intent to annul?” Anthony asked, almost inaudible to his own ears.

“I don’t think so. But what I think is that you need to come up to snuff quickly, because when my wife is involved, whatever it is will be diabolical. And you will be brought to your knees.”

Max continued drinking, but never took his eyes off Anthony, clearly waiting for him to have an epiphany. What he did instead was bristle.

“Might I suggest you demand your wife return to the country and stop meddling in others’ lives?” There, Anthony felt marginally better being able to blame his friend for poor control of his own wife as the result of Anthony’s current issues.

All Max did was chuckle while swirling his whiskey in his glass. “You are correct. I am well within my legal right to make such demands on my wife. She would be legally bound to obey my demands or suffer my wrath. However, I have plans to be blissfully happy for the next thirty-odd years and to do that, I must have my wife blissfully in love with me. So, at the expense of sounding like I repeat myself as I have told you many times already, now that you are married, you must throw out whatever mixed up, deranged ideas about women and weddings that your father filled your head with and just love your wife.”

Anthony sat in the middle of the club he had been a patron of from the time he was old enough to order a port, and watched as the room shrunk around him as the noise rose to the level of an orchestral crescendo.

“So, you will not aid your truest of friends by holding your wife to task in this matter?” The anger he’d earlier put on himself found a home, settling its sights on the man he trusted most in life. He was being abandoned.

Not flinching in the least, Max raised his glass to Anthony. “What is it you always say? Bet on the horse you think will win, not the one who prances the most?”

Fur baby wrangler and historical romance author of 7 published novels, Clair Brett lives in NH with her hard-working husband of 23 years.

Her office staff during the day consists of Cinta, a black cat and the matriarch of the fur babies, Mojo, a yellow kitten who spends his day holding Clair down in her seat to get her word count in, a boxer/beagle mix puppy named Willow, who sleeps next to her chair to make it hard to do an Oreo run without doing a pee run as well, Sanibel, a lab mix, who is the HR dept. keeping morale up, and sometimes her “grand dog”, Bailey, an 80 pound shepherd mix who is always up for a good time. When not writing, she tries to keep tabs on her newly minted adult daughters who are working on figuring it all out.

A former middle and high school English teacher, Clair has had a lifetime love affair with reading. Once she read Pride and Prejudice as an extra read in high school, she was hooked. Clair began her pursuit of publication when she was a new mother in need of a hobby. Her oldest daughter graduated high school in 2017, so you do the math. Clair is a firm believer that a reader finds a piece of who they are or learns something about the world with every book they read. She wants her readers to be empowered and to have a refreshed belief in the goodness of people and the power of love after reading her work.

Visit Clair on the web at: http://www.clairbrett.com or hang out with her on Facebook: @authorclairbrett or Twitter at: @clairbrett.


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#Releaseday for SASHA’S SECRET SANTA #dickensholidayromance #smalltown #slowburnromance

Bet you thought this day would never come, huh, since I’ve been talking about it FOREVEH!!! LOL

I am so happy SASHA’S SECRET SANTA is finally available. Did you preorder it? If so, thank you from the bottom of my writer’s heart!!! Hopefully, it’s on your Kindle right now! I’ve also made is available in Kindle Unlimited, so if you’re a subscriber…enjoy!

The early reviews on the story have been amazing and OH MY GOSH i want to cry happy tears at them!

InD’Tale Magazine says SASHA’S SECRET SANTA is a …”delectable holiday-themed book wrapped with emotions and finished with a big red bow on top!” And it was awarded a CROWNED HEART!

Mistress of Reviews says that …”this installment of a Dickens Holiday romance delivers all you could want in a love story.”

An Amazon reviewer said: “Sasha’s Secret Santa truly delivered all the feels. This was a captivating read that had me running the gamut of emotions but left me feeling warm and fuzzy at the end!”

Can I just say….wow!!! I am truly humbled. I hope you enjoy the book, too, and if you do, please let me know! My little ego needs recharging every now and again and the best way is when a great review gets posted.


And then there’s this review from NN LIght’s Bookhaven that just about did me in, emotionally!!! These tears are such happy ones!


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It’s release day for CHANCE -LAST MAN STANDING #fakedating #LMS #sweetromance #laterinliferomance


I feel like I’ve been talking about this one for evah!!! HAHAHA

But, seriously, I’m so happy CHANCE is finally out in the romance reading world. Did you pre-order your copy? The early reviews on the story have been wonderful – and make me thankful I got it right, hee hee!!

Chance Miller, divorce lawyer extraordinaire, knows the whole happily ever after dream is an urban myth. He deals with miserable and wedded warring couples every day and swears staying single keeps him sane and happy. His friends and family consider him the last single man standing and fear he’ll never find someone and settle down. But Chance relishes his carefree status and unencumbered lifestyle and has no plans to change anything.

If only his relatives would stop trying to set him up with their version of the perfect woman.

Fredrika Poole already experienced her one great love, and the widow can’t read any future romance in her tea leaves. She’s content to bake, run her business, and care for her daughter.

When Chance meets Freddie and discovers her marriage thoughts run on the same road his do, he realizes she’s the answer to his prayer for keeping the relatives at bay. But the pixie barista has a way of making Chance question everything he’s always thought about love, marriage, and wedded bliss.

Will his last man standing status go unchallenged? Or will Freddie be the one woman he wants…but can never have?

And you can find all the LAST MAN STANDING guys, here: LMS

Oh and wait! Did you know there’s a recipe book with all sort of LMS snacks and goodies you can get for FREE??? COOKBOOK


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Release day for THE HAUNTING OF WILTON JUNE – Romantic Hauntings book 2 #magnoliablossompublishing #PNR

So excited to share that Book 2 in the Romantic Hauntings series, THE HAUNTING OF WILTON JUNE is out today!

We met WIll in book 1, Merry’s Ghost. He’s Merry’s older brother, an Academy Award Winning indie filmmaker. In this book, he’s filming the script of Merry’s Ghost, as penned by CD Seacort – his now brother-in-law and Merry’s hubby, and he’s found the perfect house to shoot in. The only problem? The owner is very reluctant to have a film made in her home.

Here’s the blurb and a little taste of the story…

Hotshot movie director Wilton June is in pre-production for a new movie. The moment he sees Maison Toussaint he decides it’s the perfect setting for the film and wants to rent it. The one stumbling block? The owner isn’t sure she can let her ancestral home be used in a movie.

Botanist Jerica Toussaint needs cash – a lot of it – to keep her home up to code and her herbal healing business alive. June’s financial offer is oh-so-tempting, as is the director himself. But the house has a secret Jerica’s guarded her entire life. Can she, in good conscience, rent it to a man who may expose it?

Convincing Jerica to trust him with her home – and her secret – is no easy feat and after a time Will realizes he needs to convince her to trust him with one more thing: her heart.

As far as spooky, make-your-skin-crawl, haunted-looking houses went, this one was perfect, Wilton June mused as he gazed up at the Victorian structure. It could have been on the cover of a coffee table book titled The House Buyer’s Guide to Ghostly Mansions.

Four stories tall, it was by far the biggest house he’d seen since he’d started scouting for locations in Boston and the surrounding area.

The uppermost level consisted of a single, square room, circled by floor-to-ceiling windows on all four sides, and set in the dead center of the house.

I bet you can see the entire town from any window you look through. The natural light must be incredible on a sunny day.

Always a bonus for a cinematographer. The ground floor was ringed by a full, covered porch, Corinthian columns supporting the overhang awning every few feet. Stained glass windows filled the second level, the third supporting a half balcony running along the length of the front of the house. The paint, a steely, cold grey, could have been the original as it was faded and peeling in spots. The drab, lifeless color added to the house’s eerie aesthetic. The shutters ran to black and a few hung from their hinges. A huge front yard sported beyond rust-laden wrought iron gates and boasted an overgrowth of dead grass and weeds he’d bet hadn’t seen any action from a lawnmower in some time. Off to one side stood a rose arbor, withered vines and decayed blooms covering it from top to bottom and once again adding to the dead look and feel of the place.

“It’s perfect,” he told the woman standing at his side.

Realtor Genevieve Gordon tossed him a look indicating either, a, he was crazy, or, b, she was afraid he might be pulling her leg and wasting her time.

No one who viewed this place would ever use perfect as a description.

But for what Will wanted, it was.“What are the specs?”She handed him a brochure filled with the home’s dimensions. Will calculated the necessary room he’d need for three stationary cameras, sound equipment, and extra lighting.

Perfect shot through his mind again.

“Can we go inside? I’d like to see how the rooms are situated and get an idea of the space.”

Ms. Gordon made a face his mother would have termed pinched.

“Are you sure you want to? I mean, the spec pages have pictures of the main rooms and all the dimensions. Isn’t that enough?”

He wondered what prompted the concern lacing her tone.

“If you don’t mind, I want to see the setup for myself, the flow from room to room, to ensure it can fit all my equipment and if it’s big enough for what I need to do.”

She sighed. “I’ll have to call the owner for approval.”

He cocked his head. “Don’t all owners want potential tenants to do a walk-through? In my experience, that’s what usually seals the deal.”

“You’re the first person in over two years who’s expressed any interest in the place.”

He could tell the moment she uttered the words, she regretted giving them life. Her mouth slammed to a hard, closed line and she glanced down at her shoes.

Strange response for someone looking to make a commission.

“You mentioned at the office the owner refuses to sign a rental agreement until she meets the potential renter, right?” he asked. “Wants to size them up? Interview them?”

“That’s the major stipulation for her leasing it. This is her ancestral home. It’s been in her family for four generations and she wants to ensure whoever does rent it is going to take care of it.”

“Got it.” He glanced back at the structure, saw in his mind’s eye the opening scene, how he’d film it, the angles he’d shoot from.

“I have every intention of taking care of this place.”

“Just know as another condition for renting,” the realtor said, “Miss Toussaint would require six months’ rent, up front. No refunds if you leave early. No matter what the reason.”

Again, strange wording, but he let it slide. He’d only leave when the project planned was complete and the film was in the can. Nothing else would make him leave, because one thing everyone said about Academy Award-winning documentarian and director Wilton June, he never walked away from anything before he was done with it.

With anticipation to start working twitching about within him, he turned to the petite brunette and said, “I want to see the inside of the house. Go ahead and give her a call. Let’s do this.”

Intrigued? Get your copy here:


Add it to your Goodreads and Bookbub TO READ lists.


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Apple Blossoms in Montana – the Orchard Brides, by Lucinda Race releases today!

It’s been twenty years; Renee and Hank are back where things started but reality is like a spring frost and is a long-distance relationship their only option for a second chance at love?

Renee Mitchell has returned to the small Montana town of River Junction to take over her family’s orchard. With big dreams for the future, she plants a large parcel of land with new apple trees. No sooner is the job done, when a herd of cattle from the neighboring ranch breaks through a fence line and creates mulch from the tiny saplings. With a streak of stubbornness as wide as the Colorado River, Renee’s determined to be a success. Even when her first love shows up with the offer to pay for replacement trees and lend muscle to replant.

Hank Shepard left River Junction at eighteen and, except for losing his chance with Renee Mitchell, he’s lived life with zero regrets. He takes a short-term leave of absence from his law practice, returning to his family ranch to help his dad get back on his feet. The last thing he expects while he’s there is to reconnect with the woman he let get away. But wayward Shephard Ranch cattle bring him full circle back to Renee.

Hank is determined to make amends for the destruction to her orchard and for how they left things almost twenty years ago. It doesn’t take long for Renee and Hank to rediscover their long dormant feeling are like the orchard after the long winter, ready to flourish.

When it’s time for Hank to return to his law practice, will they be able to make a long-distance relationship work? Or, is the difference between city life and big sky country too much to overcome?

Renee Mitchell couldn’t believe her eyes. The small apple trees that had taken her days to plant were trampled into the ground and the culprits were grazing on the new shoots of grass between what was to be the new section in her orchard. She threw her head back and let out an ear-splitting scream. That helped her feel a smidge better, not that anyone could hear her since this was Big Sky Country, Montana, where every day of the growing season was critical. If she could even get new stock, it would be at least a two-week setback and she was not calling her parents in New Mexico to share the bad news. Riverbank Orchard was her business now and she’d figure out a solution on her own. But first these stupid cows needed to get off her land before they did even more damage.

Cautiously, she inched closer to the large beasts, wary of how they might react. At least they didn’t have those wide horns that were famous in Texas. All these cows had were yellow tags dangling like earrings from their ears. Maybe it had the name of the ranch stamped on them. Once she got close enough without spooking one, she discovered they were numbers only. She popped her hands on her hips. “That’s not going to do me a bit of good.”

She reached for her cell phone but didn’t bother pulling it out. Cell reception was spotty out here, and besides, who was she going to call with her tale of woe? It’s not like there was a local resource to help find lost cattle, was there?

In the distance, on the other side of the small riverbed, she could see a lone figure galloping in her direction. Maybe that was the person responsible for these beasts. She stomped through the now downed trees, closing the distance between herself and the horse and rider. A man was in the saddle, and as they got closer, she could tell he was tall but not who he was. His cowboy hat was pulled low over his face, probably to keep the bright sun from his eyes, or more likely to not see the mess his cows made to her field. For a fraction of a second she thought about the fence she should have put up first, but once the cows were out of the barn, there was no use worrying about the door being closed.

She lifted a hand in greeting and called out to him. “Missing any cows?”

He pulled up on the reins and came to a full stop on the opposite side of the river. He scanned the landscape in back of her and scowled. “As a matter of fact, I am and I can see they’ve invaded your orchard.”

There was something about the man that was vaguely familiar, and his smooth voice tickled a long-ago memory, but Renee dismissed it. She needed to stick to the business at hand and have him move his cows back across the river. If they crossed once, they could do it again; the water wasn’t that high or running too fast now that the spring thaw was over for the most part.

“Well, we’re going to need to discuss the damage they did.”

The man urged his horse through the stream, and it danced up the low-rise bank in front of her. He swung his leg over the saddle and jumped down before giving her a hard look. A flicker of recognition flashed in his caramel-brown eyes, but it was gone just as quickly. Clearly, they must have met, and then Renee knew. She took a step back and stumbled. Before she landed on her butt, he had reached out and steadied her.

“Renee, are you alright?”

The deep timbre of his voice caused her heart to skip. Hank Shepard. The first boy she had ever kissed and the one man she had never forgotten. It had been almost twenty years since she had seen him and other than a touch of gray in his light-brown hair and the sun crinkles around his eyes, he looked exactly the same—drop-dead gorgeous as ever. It would have been better if he’d gotten out of shape with a big belly but no, he had stayed trim and muscular. And this was all with a quick assessment.


Despite the way his voice made her belly flip, she had to focus on the question and not the man asking it.

“Yes, I’m fine. I just tripped on a root.”

He looked down at the grassy bank and gave her a quirk of a smile. “Glad it wasn’t anything bigger.”

She wanted to groan but there wasn’t much else to say about the invisible root. “So, about your cows.” She couldn’t help but notice he still held her arm in his hand and she took a step back to break the connection so she could think clearly.

“There not really mine, more like my parents’. I’m home helping out while Dad recovers from a broken hip, you know, kinda running things for him. Then I’ll head back to Dallas. I’m a lawyer now.”

It was funny how he slipped that in, and there went the idea of suing the cows for damages. She laughed—suing cows.

“What’s funny, me being a lawyer or living in Dallas?” He gave her a long look just like he did when they were kids and he was trying to figure out what she was thinking.

“It’s nothing other than we need to talk about the damage done to my orchard. I just planted new tree stock last week and now your cows”—she pointed over her shoulder—“your dad’s cows used them like they were the yellow brick road.”

“It might not be that bad; do you mind if I take a look?”

She swept her hand in the direction of the field. “See for yourself.”

He looked from side to side. “Where’s the fencing?”

She kicked the ground with the toe of her work boot. “On order. It should be here in a few days.” Which was the least of her problems. Once it was delivered, she didn’t know how she’d hire anyone to help her get it installed. She had resigned herself to setting posts herself. She was more than capable given that she had done it a bunch of times with Dad years ago. It was like muscle memory; the know-how would just come back to her.

If he sensed she was holding anything back, he didn’t show it. With a curt nod, he said, “Care to lead the way?”

With his horse walking behind him, Hank followed Renee as she crossed the section of field that hadn’t been planted, at least not this year, and she wanted to cry when she saw the tiny green leaves crushed into the rows of dirt and the brown sticks split like strands of spaghetti noodles. The analogy was the best she could up with and since pasta was her least favorite food, it was okay to compare the damage to Italian food.

“Renee, I’m really sorry about the mess. Get me the cost estimate of the damage and I’ll cut you a check so you can buy new trees.”

That was nice of him but he didn’t understand; it wasn’t just the tree stock. She’d need to turn over the soil again, prep the bare root stock, and replant. She was looking at a couple more weeks of work and then the fence on top of that.

“I can do that.” She looked at the cows munching on what was left of her field, and not that she was counting, but there had to be at least fifty of them. On the upside, any cow patties left behind were free fertilizer, but who was she kidding. That wasn’t much of a consolation prize.

He pulled his billfold out of his front jeans pocket and handed her a business card. “My email address is on there so just send it over and I’ll drop off a check tomorrow if that’s okay.”

“Yeah, sure. I’ll probably be out here so you can just leave it in the mailbox.” She’d have to hook up the plow to get the rows churned up again. But at least she could get the stock on order and the land would be ready when it arrived. Then again, maybe she could expedite the shipment too; after all, how much could that cost?

She gave Hank a steady look. Maybe she’d just slide the air freight charges into the price of the trees so he’d have to pay for it. But she quickly dismissed that idea. That was dishonest, and they had been friends once upon a time. She wouldn’t do that to an enemy, let alone an old friend.

He gave her that wide smile that she remembered so well and her stomach was like a bunch of honey bees buzzing around the buttercups in spring.

“I’ll drive these girls across the river, and I’ll swing by tomorrow so don’t forget to email me. And I’m real sorry about all of this, but you should get the fence installed before you plant again.”

Yeah, yeah, yeah, she should do a lot of things and if she ever got to that to-do list she wrote out for herself, she’d be organized and already prepared for fall harvest. As it was, she hadn’t even had time to turn the list over and start with what she had thought was the number one priority. Not that she’d admit any of this to Hank, but as far as he was concerned, she was the businesswoman of the year in River Junction—well, maybe the orchard businesswoman of the year at a bare minimum.

She forced a bright smile. “It’s at the top of my list.”

“Good.” He stuck his left boot in the stirrup and settled into the saddle like he’d been born to be a cowboy. She thought it was ironic since that was what he’d been born into and now it seemed he turned in his Wranglers and Stetson for a suit and tie.

He gave a sharp whistle, and the cows slowly raised their heads while he maneuvered his horse through the herd. Once he got to the farthest bunch, he began to herd them in her direction. She moved off to one side and was surprised to see it looked like he had been doing this forever, instead of leaving Montana after high school graduation, never to return except for quick holiday trips.

But who was she to judge? Hadn’t she done the same thing? College and then worked in a city? At least her plan had always been to make money so that someday she’d return home and run the family orchard. Once, when they were young, Hank said when he left, he wasn’t ever living in small town USA again.

Get your copy here:

Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B09RMFQ316

Barnes and Nobel – Paperback https://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/apple-blossoms-in-montana-lucinda-race/1141042475?ean=9781954520295

Award-winning and best-selling author Lucinda Race is a lifelong fan of romantic fiction. As a young girl, she spent hours reading romance novels and getting lost in the hope they represent. While her friends dreamed of becoming doctors and engineers, her dreams were to become a writer—a romance novelist.

As life twisted and turned, she found herself writing nonfiction but longed to turn to her true passion. After developing the storyline for The Loudon Series, it was time to start living her dream. Her fingers practically fly over computer keys she weaves stories about strong women and the men who love them.

Lucinda lives with her two little dogs, a miniature long hair dachshund and a shitzu mix rescue, in the rolling hills of western Massachusetts. When she’s not at her day job, she’s immersed in her fictional worlds. And if she’s not writing romance novels, she’s reading everything she can get her hands on.

Find Lucinda here:

FB https://www.facebook.com/LucindaRaceAuthor/


Goodreads – Lucinda Race- https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/10174985.Lucinda_Race

Youtube Lucinda Race https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=lucinda+race+author

Pinterest https://www.pinterest.com/lucindaraceauthor/

Universal Link  https://books2read.com/ap/xyYO2g/Lucinda-Race

Bookbub https://www.bookbub.com/profile/lucinda-race

Amazon Author Page  https://www.amazon.com/Lucinda-Race/e/B00Q0MMNUM

Lucinda’s Heart Racers Reader Group https://www.facebook.com/groups/118597305361578



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Release day for FIXING CHRISTMAS – A Dickens Holiday Romance ( Dorrit’s Diner)

YAY! It’s finally here. I’ve been waiting and waiting for this day to come for months and I’m so glad I can finally introduce you to FIXING CHRISTMAS, my contribution to the second season of the CHRISTMAS COMES TO DICKENS series.

If you read SANTA BABY,

you know it’s the origin story for heroine ABRA CHARLES in FIXING CHRISTMAS.

Christmas has never filled writer Abra Charles with undiluted pleasure. If you’d been left on a doorstep on Christmas Eve morning, you might have a few issues with the holiday as well.

Abra’s avoided her hometown of Dickens for the past twenty Christmas seasons, but now she’s returned in an attempt to get her writing mojo back. Twice-divorced and with her third engagement ending in heartbreak, anger, and blackmail, Abra is now six months behind on submitting her current book. She hopes renting Copperfield House and immersing herself in solitude will cure her writer’s block and get her life back on track. The house she rents isn’t helping her achieve her goal, though, as one thing after another breaks, collapses, or floods.

Colton Bree, Dickens’ very own Mr. FixIt can’t help but wonder if the new resident of Copperfield House is cursed. After being called to repair a broken window, he’s then needed to fix an exploding coffeepot, an overrunning toilet, and a washing machine that has a mind of its own. Bree doesn’t mind all the unexpected repair jobs, though, because the sexy renter is something to look at and dream about, despite being a little neurotic and whole lot of snarky.

Can Abra get her book done with all the distractions and craziness of her life, the biggest distraction being the flannelled hunk with the bedroom eyes and scowling yet oh-so-kissable mouth? Or will Dickens’ Mr FixIt have to step in and save the day and in so doing, fix Christmas for Abra forever?



Christmas Comes to Dickens Anthology 2020

It’s a Dickens of a Cookie ( Free recipe book)

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Need a little BALANCE in your life?

Hee hee. Writing that made me chuckle.

I’m so thrilled my new women’s fiction, NYC romance, BALANCE released into the book reading world today. Every book release day fills me with a sense of euphoria mixed with dread!

The euphoria is because I am so proud and excited to have a new book – one of my babies – out in the world.

The dread because I know not everyone will like it and the reviews may be mixed.

But I’ve developed a thick skin over these past few years, so that helps some with the negativity!

Phillip and Decker’s road to an HEA is winding and at times tortuous. As one of the book’s reviewers put it: “She( Peggy Jaeger) had me laughing, crying, angry, and hopeful, all between the first and last pages of this book.”

Love that!

I hope if you read the book, you’ll agree with that sentiment.

She’s a wealthy socialite who survived an abusive marriage.
He’s a hardworking guy raising his son and caring for his widowed father.
They come from different worlds, but it’s said…opposites attract.
Can they find the balance between their two lifestyles to make their love work?
Or will their differences tear them apart?

Life and love are a balancing act.

Get your copy TODAY(!!) here: BALANCE

Add it to your Goodreads WANT TO READ list

Review it on AMAZON

Watch the Book Trailer

Happy reading, peeps ~ Peg

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A visit with Wild Rose Press Author Glenda Thompson, author of BROKEN TOYS

I adore when my Wild Rose Press sistahs come for a visit and today I’m introducing a new one to you, GLENDA THOMPSON.

Glenda graciously sat down with me recently and answered all my nosy questions, plus gave me a sneak peek at her new book BROKEN TOYS which releases today!!

Here’s our interview…

Glenda, The Writer Questions

  1. What drives you to write?

The people who live in my head and tap on the inside of my eyeballs when I try to sleep drive me to write. It’s the only way to get them to go away. Each is so determined to have his or her story shared with the world.

  1. What genre(s) of Romance do you write, and why?

I’ve never written pure romance before. I write more suspense or thriller with a side of romance. Why? Too many years married to a Texas lawman. A majority of our conversations revolve around crimes, bad guys, and motives. My favorite word is why.

  1. What genre(s) of Romance do you read, and why?

I read every genre but do seem to be drawn to paranormal romances or historical romances. I love being swept away into someone else’s world so I can forget about mine for a tiny bit.

  1. What’s your writing schedule? Do you write everyday?

My writing schedule is chaotic at best. I do try to write every day but we have five children and eight grandchildren so Darlin’ and I spend a lot of time on the road running from one sporting or school event to another. I also have a full-time day job. I squeeze writing in wherever I can. I also record ideas on my phone and keep bath crayons in the shower. It never fails. As soon as I have a head full of shampoo, the perfect scene will pop into my head. With the bath crayons, I can scribble the ideas on the shower walls and after I finish my shower, grab my cell phone and take a photo of the walls to be transcribed a bit later.

  1. Give us a glimpse of the surroundings where you write. Separate room? In the kitchen? At the dining room table?

Darlin’ talked me into buying a small, pre-fab wooden building. Three-quarters of it is his knife shop. The other quarter is my writing cave. The interior walls are covered with whiteboard so I can scribble notes for quick reference on the wall. It also has two decent size windows so I can stare out at the mesquite brush and cactus when I need to think.

6.Are you the kind of writer who needs total quiet to compose, or are you able to filter out the typical sounds of the day and use your tunnel-vision?

Hello, mom of five kids *chuckle* I am good at tuning things out. Sometimes, Darlin’ has to tap me on the shoulder a few times to bring me back to the real world.

  1. Do you listen to music while you write, and if so, what kind? If not, why not?

It really depends on my mood. Sometimes I have music going. Other times, I don’t. I have eclectic tastes in music ranging from Texas/Red Dirt/Outlaw music to Scottish bagpipes, 80s hair bands, Native American flutes, Metallica, and yes, even Puddle of Mud.

  1. How did you come up with the plotline/idea for your current WIP?

Okay, this may be a bit macabre but… a friend of Darlin’s owns a crematorium. The friend gave us a hip replacement implant that no one claimed. Darlin’ was examining it and one end comes to this sharp point. I had just come home from having a tire replaced on my truck. When I saw the point, I told Darlin’ that could do a ton of damage to a tire. About the same time, two calls came across his radio from dispatch—one for a missing child, the other for a complaint about Travelers scamming the elderly with roofing and driveway repairs. It just kind of clicked in my brain and Broken Toys was born.

  1. Which comes first for you – character or plot? And why?

Definitely character. It all goes back to those people living in my head. On a more serious note, I am fascinated by psychology and my favorite word is why. I love diving deep inside people’s psyches… even my imaginary people.

  1. What 3 words describe you, the writer?

Oh, this is a hard question. Intense, reckless, emotional ( Peggy here: I love that description!)

Glenda, the Gal…

  1. Tell us one unusual thing about yourself – not related to writing!

I love to bottle raise exotic animals. They used to call me Mrs. Noah because any time anyone had an orphaned animal, they brought it to me to raise. Didn’t matter what kind… oryx, axis, whitetail deer, blackbuck antelope, pigs, goats, kittens… I love animals.

  1. Who was your first love and what age were you?

Now you are trying to get me in trouble. My first love was a bull rider named Travis. We went to high school together. I was probably seventeen or eighteen.

  1. If you could relive one day, which one would it be? Think GROUNDHOG DAY, the movie for this one – you’ll have to live it over and over and….

Probably November 11, 2018… it was the first time in forever that we had all the kids and grandkids together. We took family photos, played at the park and went to dinner to celebrate my birthday.

  1. What’s one thing you love about your significant other?

Finally, an easy question! His heart. I swear it’s bigger than the state of Texas. I’ve never met a kinder, more genuine, more real person in my life. He’s a true Sheepdog… a protector, a provider, and so very supportive. I never would have considered sharing my writing with the world if it hadn’t been for his encouragement.

5.What three words describe you, the person? Unique, Curious, Shy

6.If you could sing a song with Jimmy Fallon, what would it be? Nope, not going to happen. I can’t carry a tune in a bucket. The only time I sing is when I’m alone in my pickup truck racing down the back country roads.

7.If you could hang out with any literary character from any book penned at any time line, who would it by, why, and what would you do together?

Jo Marsh, from Little Women. I feel like we have a lot in common. Neither of us fit into a neat pigeonhole. We would write and put on plays.

Bonus round

I love the Actor’s Studio show on Bravo, so this is my version of it:


  • Favorite sound – children’s laughter
  • Least favorite sound – whining
  • Best song every written – You Shouldn’t Kiss Me Like That by Toby Keith or How Great Thou Art
  • Worst song ever written – Welcome To The Jungle by Guns and Roses
  • Favorite actor and actress – don’t have one
  • What turns you on? Kindness and Wrangler Butts ;p
  • What turns you off? Feet
  • Give me the worst 5 words ever heard on a first date ( here’s mine: “Is that your real hair?”) My wife just left me. ( Peggy here: OMG!!!)
  • What’s your version of a perfect day? A warm but not too hot day spent surrounded by family and friends preferably near living water
  • And now for a little glimpse at BROKEN TOYS…

    Blurb: Texas Ranger Noah Morgan has his life together—with a great job and the girl of his dreams. Too bad it’s all based on a lie. A single phone call threatens to bring it all crashing down. After an irate citizen complains shoddy workmanship has left him with a booby-trapped driveway, and the local sheriff’s office is too busy to respond, Noah takes the call. The investigation of local scam artists uncovers a human trafficking ring, Noah fights to avoid being swept back into the sights of his murderous family—people he escaped at the age of seventeen.Can he keep his past a secret or will his carefully crafted life come to a violent end?Tagline: “His life is perfect. Too bad it’s built on a lie.”“While we wait for the mobile crime scene lab to arrive from Austin, I need you to sign this consent-to-search form. Next, Ranger Trammell and I will photograph the scene to preserve it in situ—as it currently is.”“Now you wait one cotton-picking minute,” the old man growled. “How long will all that take? What if I don’t want to sign your verdammt form? I need my car. The old lady has several doctors’ appointments in San Antonio this afternoon.”

    Noah lifted his hat again and brushed sweat off his forehead before it rolled into his eyes. “Tell you what. Sign this piece of paper giving us permission to search your driveway, and as soon as we finish the photography, Ranger Trammell and I will change your tire. Then you can pull your car out of the driveway. If you don’t sign it, we will have to find a judge and get a warrant. Going the warrant route will delay things considerably.” Noah shrugged. “The choice is yours. Either way it goes, you won’t be able to pull back in for some time. We’re going to have to tape off your driveway and process it as a crime scene. Is there somewhere you could stay for a few days?”

    “Crime scene?” Mr. Schmidt crumpled as if he’d been kicked in the solar plexus. Bewilderment flooded his features. For the first time since the rangers arrived, the man looked old. “My driveway is a crime scene?”

    “I’m afraid so, sir,” Noah said, using the tone he reserved for scared kids, grieving family members and sagging old men who hadn’t tasted sweet tea in more than sixty years. “Hip implants, bits of bone and teeth are not normally used for road base. It looks like someone may have disposed of a body in your driveway.”

    Get your copy here:

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A sixth-generation Texan with Scottish roots, Glenda Thompson can ‘bless your heart’ with the best of them. As a former emergency medical technician married to a south Texas Lawman, she’s used insider information from both their careers as inspiration to build her Broken world of Texas Rangers with hidden pasts and dark secrets.When she’s not busy embarrassing her children or grandchildren by dancing in the middle of a country road during a rainstorm, she can be found huddled in her writing cave with her law enforcement technical adviser/husband working on another story in her Broken universe.You can keep up with the future crazy cat lady’s hi-jinks at http://www.glendathompson.com or follow her on Twitter @PressRattler or Facebook @Glenda Thompson, Author.Social Media Links

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 Glenda – thank you so much for being here today, introducing yourself to us and for giving us a little glimpse into BROKEN TOYS. Happy Release day!!! ~ peg 




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Finally! BAKED WITH LOVE releases into the bookreading world!

It’s been a little over a year since book 2 in the MATCH MADE IN HEAVEN series released, so I am sososososo happy BAKED WITH LOVE, book 3 is finally — FINALLY – here!

Of the 3 O’Dowd sisters, I must confess, Maureen is my favorite. Quiet and shy, but possessing a backbone of steel, this youngest sister has waited a lifetime for her own HEA and it was a rocky road the whole way. A secret that she needs to keep hidden from those she loves best is about to be revealed and Maureen is terrified the people who love her best- including Police Chief Lucas Alexander – will want nothing more to do with her.

I’m so happy to introduce Maureen to you all and I hope you love her as much as I do!!

BAKED WITH LOVE ( A Match Made in Heaven, Book 3)

Innkeeper Maureen O’Dowd lives to cook and bake, spoils her family and friends, and is an expert at keeping secrets, especially about the man who’s held her heart for years.

Police Chief Lucas Alexander is dealing with an aging father and a moody teenage son, and he’s in love with a woman who only wants to be friends.

How can these two fiercely private people reveal their feelings for one another without destroying the friendship they already have? And if they’re successful, will another secret, if revealed, drive a wedge between Maureen and Lucas that can never be repaired?

Book trailer:

Here’s a little release day game for you. Nancy Fraser made me a puzzle of the cover. It took me a long time to get all the pieces, so if you click here, PUZZLE and put the book cover together, and time yourself ( there’s a time in the the game) and then send me your time in the comments section, I promise if you beat my time ( which I’m not gonna tell until tomorrow!) I’ll send you a special gift!!!



Long and Short Reviews


And if you haven’t read books 1 and 2 in the series, don’t worry – you can read them out of order. But…

Dearly Beloved ( book 1)

Today, Tomorrow, Always ( Book 2)


Happy reading peeps~ I’m going out to celebrate and have…cake! ~ peg



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