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New Episode in #kindlevella and a #preorder giveaway

So I’ve got two things going on today.

Episode 21 of MAGIC’S CHARM dropped this morning over on Amazon Kindle vella. Are you all caught with Rhys and Siobhan’s story? Here’ the link – and remember you can read the first three episodes for FREE to decide of you like the story. And if you do, please consider giving it a thumbs up or weekly favorite.

Next, if you don’t follow me on instagram or facebook you might not know this, but I’ve got a PREORDER CONTEST going on for SABLE ( ALWAYS A BRIDESMAID) The details are below in the graphic,but the gist is this: if you preorder the book and then put up a screenshot of the preorder and provide me with your email address, I’ll put your name in an invisible hat and once the book releases, I’ll be drawing 5 names to each win a $10.00 Amazon gift card. Sound good? A chance to will 4 times the cost of the book just for preordering?? YOWZA! I’d take advantage of that deal!!

Sound good? I like to think so, hee hee


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#releaseday DEATH BETWEEN THE PAGES #shortstories #deathanddying #retribution

Well, it’s finally here. The very first Kindlevella book I’ve put into actual publishing print!
DEATH BETWEEN THE PAGES is exclusively on Amazon and in KU, if you are a subscriber. The cost is #99cents in ecopy.

I wrote these stories many moons ago when I was obsessed with serial killers, murder, and death. That makes me sound cray-cray, but I came of range during the real Dahmer, Gacy, Bundy years and it’s practically all we ever watched on the nightly news.

These stories all involved death in some way, be it from cancer, murder, natural causes, or…something else.

Hope you enjoy them. ~ Peg

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