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When the student IS the Master…

Yesterday, my lovely daughter spent over 5 hours with me developing a marketing plan for my new career and in helping me clean up all my social media sites to make them ( her words): cohesive and consistent.

I am so not cohesive and consistent…in any part of my life!

This wonderful young woman has more knowledge in her left pinky finger about marketing and computers than I will ever be able to retain. And she still has more “stuff” to do today to help me be the best writer/self promotor I can. Seriously, I can’t wait to learn what she teachers me today.

I come to this new career a little later in life than the norm. Okay…WAY later… and there is an entire field and world of things I never dreamed I needed to do to promote myself and my work. I can’t be the only one in my age group who feels this way, at least I hope I’m not. I truly think when kids are born these days they have all this techno know-how wired into their DNA. And as far as the marketing, my daughter throws words and phrases like “SEO” and “Pinpoint Target base” around like I know what they mean. I didn’t, but NOW I do, thanks to her!

She forced me – really forced me- to think of a new brand for my writing. In her words, she felt “Writing about families and everlasting love” was too generic and sounded like a Disney movie. Ego deflation, much? Here’s the new one:

Peggy Jaeger writes about strong women, the families who support them, and the men who can’t live without them.

Yeah, I know. Genius in a sentence.

Take a look at my new Twitter feed @peggy_jaeger and click around this site for all the improvements she helped with. More updates and changes are to follow today.

I thank God everyday he gave me the child of my heart and dreams. And I am so happy she is the woman she is…although she will always be my baby.



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