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#MFRWauthor If I know you…be prepared to be written about!

This week’s blog post may get me in a little hot water with some of my friends ( who may not be my friends anymore after reading this! heehee).

I will admit, most of the characters I write about are complete creations of my own. I’ve said I’m a people watcher and characteristic voyeur, and I am. I watch strangers all the time when I am out and about and then think up story lines for them that work their way into my writing.


There are some people I personally know who have such defined characteristics, quirks, or ways of speaking that I just haven’t been able to NOT put  them in a story.

For instance: I have a friend who is a marathon runner. Obsessively a marathon runner. Some of  the things she does to train I attached to a character in one of my books who runs. I’m not gonna tell you which book or character, but I know my friend knows which it is because she nailed me on it. In a good way. She was actually flattered. Dodged a bullet on that one, folks!

I have a fringe acquaintance who is a real P.I.T.A. when it comes to always having the last word. No matter what subject we are discussing, what the context, or even if he/she knows nothing about it, he/she will always, ALWAYS need to have the last word. It’s almost pathological. I’ve written a character with that trait and you know what? The person didn’t even recognize themself when they read it. Pathetic.

I know a man who has the annoying habit of saying “yeah, huh?” after every sentence. It doesn’t even make sense in some usages, but he does it anyway. You know sure as the sun shines in Poughkeepsie I’m using that in a character. Soon, too!

I heard Jackie Collins give an interview once where the interviewer asked her where she got her inspiration for all her Hollywood heartthrobs and heroines. Jackie had always said she never based any of her characters on one specific person but an amalgam of people. In this interview she slipped and said, ‘The character based on Madonna–” she stopped herself from saying more, snapped her fingers, and then said, “Oh, fudge, I swore I was never gonna say that!”







Happens to us all.

Since this is a blog hop, head on over to the other authors participating to see how they deal with real people and the characters they create.





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Where ideas for stories REALLY come from!!

I need to share a recent  Facebook page status  with you all as a preface to today’s blog:


“Okay, so remember the other day when I told you about almost passing out at the gym because I hadn’t eaten anything before going? Well, here’s today’s Planet Fitness nightmare.

I’m on the treadmill, my iPod blasting in my ears and a really fast tune comes on, so I jack up the treadmill speed to match the beat of the music. Now I’m going fast and loving it. Then I remember that I should be moving my arms to the music as well so that I get a full body workout, so I start to pump my fists to the beat and I am in heaven. Well…

All of a sudden my fist connects with the earpiece string and – like a karate chop because I’m pumping my arms – I swipe it, the iPod jumps off the treadmill ledge, disconnects from the ear piece and hits the guy on the treadmill next to mine square in the center of his chest, and bounces. And I mean bounces. The universe couldn’t have seen fit to put some overweight out of shape slob like me next to me. No. I had to have Captain America next to me, all toned, and tan and hard bodied.

So, the iPod bounces of his substantially ripped chest and flies forward to land under the treadmill in front of his that has a girl running at a marathon rate on it.

So now I’ve not only maimed the guy next to me, but I have to ask the girl running like her life depended on it to stop so I can retrieve my iPod from under her machine.

I think this is the universe’s way of telling me I shouldn’t be going to the gym so I’m going to take a nap now. I just wanted to give you that I Love Lucy update before I lie down.”


I garnered sososososo many comments from people telling me that this is the way my hero and heroine should meet in my next book that I’ve finally relinquished and am going to write it.

So, the title of today’s blog – Where ideas for stories really come from!!  – yeah, everyday life, people. Everyday life.

I have now answered that question for the last time EVAH!!!!

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