7 guilty pleasures; #MFRWauthors #BlogChallengeWeek10


This post gave me just a little trouble. Not because I couldn’t come up with 7 guilty pleasures – but that I had sososososo many, I had to whittle them down to just 7!

Well, here goes nuthin’.

In no particular order, here are the 7 things that (I think) are guilty pleasures for Moi:

  • a total jammie day – no bra, no makeup, hair in a messy bun, glasses
  • Girl Scout Thin Mints – if you’ve had them, no further explanation is necessary
  • Binge reading a new favorite author without any interruptions

  • finding a new mascara that: doesn’t smudge and make me look like a raccoon, lengthens my non-existent eyelashes, and ISN’T waterproof ( I hate waterproof mascara!!!)
  • Tweeting – I can’t explain this one, but I just know it’s a guilty pleasure for me

  • having dessert without counting points. (Some will get this, most will not).
  • a professional facial

It’s very telling that the only writing/reading pleasure I mentioned was binge reading a new favorite author. And that there are 2 references to food!! Very telling, indeed.

Because this is week 10 in the MFRW 52 week blog challenge, here are some other authors who are blogging about their 7 guilty pleasures today. Drop by and leave them some love.



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8 responses to “7 guilty pleasures; #MFRWauthors #BlogChallengeWeek10

  1. Yes, Peggy, I got the dessert reference. Sigh.

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  2. I got the dessert reference, too, though I count calories, not points. You did well with only two being food references. I figure I’d need at least three that revolved around chocolate!

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    • Peggy Jaeger

      Lindy – I had about 15 references to food in the first draft! I was uber proud of myself I got it down to 2!! Hee hee


  3. A couple of years ago I started going for facials every few months. The only thing better would be regular massages!

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  4. Seeing your facial I should have added massages to my list. I love going to the spa and getting treatments. Can’t do it too often as it gets pricey. Twitter has become a new one for me.

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  5. How could I have forgotten about Thin Mints? Totally agree on the dessert without counting points, part of what I love about the system. I have never had a facial but I have had a massage a few times and I have to say, not a fan. I had one that the girl doing the massage had a light feathery touch, which just made me feel uncomfortable. Another, the girl had a firmer touch but I had paid for a deep muscle massage and expected something more akin to a sports massage. I’ll admit though, having some stranger touch me isn’t really my thing. I’d rather go soak in the hot tub. YEs, I have personal space issues.

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  6. OMG….have you tried the new GS S’Mores cookies? The ones we got were more like Keebler Fudge Squares, but the ones my mom got were tiny shortbread cookies with marshmallow cream and chocolate filling. My dad and I had a hard time staying out of them last week when I visited them!


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