On #Dancing, #DancingWithTheStars and feelings of inadequacy



I’m pretty confident I mentioned in a previous blog that I’m participating in the 2017 Project Graduation event DANCING WITH THE KEENE STARS again. This is my third year. Year one, I was the STAR. Last year I was a judge. This year, I am the partner to a Star.

Three years; three different roles.

Year one was fraught with anxiety, anger, and a little angst. Anxiety because I thought I knew how to dance but when I was shown how to really do it, I didn’t. Not even close. Anger because my partner was, well, let’s just say we weren’t perfectly matched, and leave it at that. And angst, because I  truly was mentally tortured about falling down on stage or being a laughingstock.

I survived. No falls.

Year two I was a judge. This key role filled me with nervous tension so tight I thought I was gonna snap in two at a moment’s notice. Since I remembered how terrified I was standing center stage and being critiqued, I was determined to give nothing but positive and kind feedback.  I didn’t say anything negative.  I hurt no feelings and offered no critical analysis. Everyone did fabulously, to hear me tell it.

I survived. No hurt feelings. No snapping.

This year, year three, I am a partner and I was initially filled with dread. I have to make the Star look good. I am, after all, the professional ( for lack of a better word) and I’m expected to know the dance, the moves, and to radiate calmness for my Star.

If you know me you know I NEVER radiate calmness. But I have nothing to worry about. My STAR is, well, a STAR!! He is patient, committed to winning, and loves to rehearse. He came into the dance studio filled with ideas and they’re good ones!! He will win this competition. I am merely his prop, and very happy to be one!

I will survive without feeling dread, for sure!

Keene Dancing with the Stars is scheduled for April 21 and 22 and you can order tickets here: tickets

Hope to see you all there. It’s guaranteed to be a great night of dancing, fun, and a few laughs.



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3 responses to “On #Dancing, #DancingWithTheStars and feelings of inadequacy

  1. Having read only this post, which didn’t mention the high school connection, I found myself Googling your name and and the show, wondering if my wife had watched you last night. Fun detour!

    I’ve been feeling overwhelmed at what awaits me this month, but you have me beat, Peggy. I have Camp NaNoWriMo, in which I’m determined to get back in my writing groove. I have three orchestra concerts, and several of the pieces have difficult oboe parts (I really should be practicing right now!). Son #2 is coming mid month from Vancouver for a 3-week stay, and while he’s a delightful distraction, he is, well, a distraction; he’s interested in writing so I’m trying to mentor him. My daughter changed her work schedule, so we’ll be babysitting our 3-year-old grandson four days a week rather than three. I really should finish the details of the new rear door I put in last summer. And I do all the husbandly things. (You mind can roam the gutter if you wish; I don’t mind.)

    That’s a lot, but not as much as you. Congratulations on the book release! I’ll take a look at it.

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