#Dreaming Big; #MFRWauthors #Blogchallenge


OMG! I could so totally take pages and pages and reams of paper to write this one!!! After debating with myself for the entire week about my choices, I narrowed it down to the following:

  1. Meet Matthew MacFadyen ( don’t laugh! Lovelovelove him!!!)
  2. Be a size 4 for the rest of my life no matter what I eat. ( Okay, you can laugh at this one because I don’t have the body frame to be a size 4!!)
  3. Star in a Broadway play ( again, laughter is okay because this is a PIPE dream!!! I can’t act, sing, or emote!)
  4. Make the NYT bestseller list, or the USA Bestseller list, or ANY FRIGGIN’ BOOK LIST!!!!
  5. Get a publishing contract for MMP and/or Hardcover.

After numerous hours of time wasting – er, I mean, debate (!) with myself, I figure 1-3 ain’t gonna happen in my lifetime. 4 is a slim-to-none possibility, especially since the NYTimes has recently changed and only lists HARDBACK books in their list, no more mass market one. ( DOPES! The NYT, that is)

So, number 5 is the winner-winner-chicken dinner!

I can actually SEE myself someday ( hopefully before I die!) getting a mass market paperback book deal, or even a hardcover deal. And I always think that if you can actually SEE your goal in your mind, give it weight, and do something about it, the dream will come true. In fact, because I give such weight to physical things, I actually make book boxes for my book giveaways. Here’s the latest one for Cooking With Kandy:


As you can see, it’s Hardback sized, has my picture on the back “cover” and it looks like a book!

There’s an old saying that “seeing is believing.” I’d rather say, “Seeing it makes it happen.”

So that’s my biggest dream!!!

And because this is a blog hop, here are some other authors who are dreaming big. Stop by their blogs today and find out all about they’re big dreams.




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19 responses to “#Dreaming Big; #MFRWauthors #Blogchallenge

  1. Sherry Lewis

    I will not laugh at your dream of meeting Matthew MacFadyen, or at any of your dreams. I’ve always wanted to meet Kurt Russell. I’m quite sure we’d become very close friends!


  2. I think these are great, and I love how you look at them honestly. I wouldn’t give up on the NYT, rules may change again (and if you get that MMP or hardback deal…). Fun, fun post.

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  3. Those book boxes are very cool.

    I will not laugh at any of your dreams. I would love to meet Orlando Bloom. Never gonna happen, but as they say, a girl can dream right?

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  4. Peggy Jaeger

    I am so glad I’m not the only one who’s ever dreamed of meeting their celebrity crush and actually admitted it out loud!!!! Orlando Bloom is a hottie.


  5. For me, it’s Sean Connery. That man has aged magnificently!

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  6. Peggy Jaeger

    Yowza, another serious hottie.


  7. Peggy, I did have to laugh at the size 4 because I’m not built for it either, In fact, getting into a size 4 in my case would probably mean death was imminent, so no thanks! Hope you get that MM or HC deal.

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  8. CB Clark

    Great dreams, Peggy. Without dreams, what do we have? I’ve read your books. Your NYT bestselling author dream is within your grasp.

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  9. I won’t laugh at your dreams. Never give up! There’s the possibility for them to come true. NYT can change their rules and Matthew McFadyen could show up in your town or favorite restaurant. I’m seriously in love with Sean Connery too.

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  10. Peggy Jaeger

    If Matthew McFayden showed up in my town I think I would have definitive proof for the all that there is a GOD!


  11. Don’t you hate how some outlets, ie NYT bestsellers, consistently stack the deck against romance? Here are my dreams.


  12. Why didn’t I think to include eating whatever I want and not gaining weight- love that! And I love, love, your book box! How do you make it? I’d love to learn. My Mom says the same thing with every book I have published, “But why isn’t your picture on the back?” lol Me, I don’t care so much about my picture, but apparently to her, that is how you know you made it 🙂

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  13. Peggy Jaeger

    Maureen- your mother is probably around my age and, yes, that’s how we know a writer has made it: A book jacket picture!!1


  14. I would be content to be a size 12 or even 14 again. Anything to get me out of the plus-size category….

    I soooooo want to meet Harrison Ford AND be in a musical, though not starring row.


  15. *Ahem* Starring ROLE. This is what happens when the family interrupts the flow of thought….lol….

    Book boxes are cool!


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