OH, the Places I’d go!

Be it ever so humble…..

I’ll admit this freely – I don’t travel well. My husband calls me the “ugly American” and it’s too true. I am a spoiled homebody. I  like nothing more than staying in my house, in my jammies, reading a book or cooking for friends and family. Yeah, I know. I live and lead a very boring, limited life, so this blog topic was one that required a huge amount of thought on my part. The last time I traveled anywhere was when my daughter was in college, doing a semester in Barcelona and then in Dublin. My Husband and I went to visit her in both places.

And just FYI, she graduated in 2011. What year is it now, hmmm? Yeah. That’s the last time I went anywhere.

So, the Top 5 places I’d like to visit.

Well, let’s see…

I actually had to go out and buy the book 1000 Places to see before you die because I couldn’t even come up with one.

I don’t like planes – they are a necessary inconvenience, though. I dislike trains even more, and forget about being in the car longer than an hour without stopping to stretch my legs. Total torture.

So…those 5 places.

Hawaii might be nice because it’s like…Hawaii!! Lava and beaches and leis. But it’s such an asshugging long trip from the East Coast to get there. I might have to make a few stops along the way, like Washington DC. The architecture, the history, the scandals. I could spend a few days there without problems. But I’ve been there already. Numerous times. This is supposed to be a post on places I haven’t visited yet.

Okay, so #1. Hawaii.

2….hmmm. Tuscany. I think I’d like to see Tuscany because I loved that book Under The Tuscan Sun. It would be great for my cooking skills to learn how to make authentic Tuscan dishes using fresh Tuscan ingredients…like wine!

3…..(scratching head) The Swiss Alps because I liked Heidi. My in-laws actually went to the Swiss Alps on a trip once and my mother-in-law told me it was absolutely her favorite part of that vacation. Seeing the Matterhorn, riding the Glacier Express. She loved it and since she’s such a good judge of things, I figure I would too!

4….(biting nails, now) Australia, and mainly Queensland because I lovedlovedloved The Thorn Birds. I was so heartbroken when Colleen McCullough died, I actually went to Church that day and said a prayer for her soul. She brought the Australian outback to full, vivid, life with her writings and she is sorely missed.

5….(really digging deep now!) Got it! San Fransico because I loved the JoyLuck Club. Amy Tan is a fabu writer and I remember reading this book in a day because I was so invested in the characters and their lives as they navigated through their heritage, culture, and tried to assimilate into the American lifestyle and the Bay Area without trading in their old world ways. Her writing is lyrical, fluid, and flows from the page.

So. I could stop In San Fran on the way to Hawaii, and after a week swimming the Pacific shores, move on to Australia. Next stop from there,  Tuscany and finishing in the Swiss Alps.

That wouldn’t be so bad.

Le sigh.

This was a hard blog to write, peeps. Really hard considering I don’t leave my house much!

Let’s see if the other authors in the blog challenge have as hard a time as I did coming up with 5 places… I’m going to bet they didn’t.





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16 responses to “OH, the Places I’d go!

  1. It’s official, Peggy, we must be sisters from another mister, lol. You may have noticed my post is about my quest to be a hermit. I struggled with this post a bit as well and, of course, went off topic. Enjoyed your post!

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  2. Sherry Lewis

    Our blogs share the same title today! Great minds, and all that. I love how you tied your list into books.


    • Peggy Jaeger

      Sherry -in all honesty, I couldn’t think of a place to go, much less 5!!! it justs seemed appropriate since this is a writer’s blog that I somehow make the connection!


  3. I too have reached a point where I’d almost rather travel via books, the internet and videos. Being sandwiched for hours in a tight plane seat makes me crazy, and I can’t afford first class!

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  4. Peggy Jaeger

    Alina – even ist class is snug these days!!! I hate being hostaged between talkers, people who are just rude, noisy, crying kids, and others who need showers. I wish we were at the stage where Star Trek teleportation was the common mode of travel. Then I’d be up for it. Now? Not so much!


  5. Cathy Brockman

    I too am a homebody but we can dream right. I forgot about Italy. but i could only choose five and cheated anyhow LOL.


  6. I need to buy that travel book, too. I fell in love with the Swiss Alps when I saw the movie, Heidi. I didn’t read the book, but I saw Under the Tuscan Sun. I love Italy and would love to see it.

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  7. Peggy Jaeger

    It’s amazing how many places I could think of to go when I narrowed it down to books. I guess there really is something to say for a great setting!


  8. Peggy, sounds like you are definitely an armchair traveler! I went to Paris last year and flew Premium Economy. The seats were nice and wide with extra leg room and a leg rest, really nice. We didn’t feel crowded at all!

    And I have one more suggestion for you to consider: cruising. It’s a nice relaxing way to get from one port to another. Just a thought.

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  9. Not everyone likes to travel, no harm in that. I’ve wanted to visit Tuscany after seeing the movie Under The Tuscan Sun. I saw on your other blog post you’re going to the Atlanta conference. Hope you have fun. I thought about it, but the cost wasn’t something I could swing this year. Hopefully next year.

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  10. Peggy Jaeger

    Meka – it’s my first time at RT and the one major reason I’m going is because I have a new publisher and they do a bunch of book promo at the conference. Ii’ve heard it a really good conference for readers, so hopefully i’ll garner some new ones,


  11. Cool list. I like that you want to visit places you’ve read about.


  12. This was a really cool read and an interesting list of destinations. Thanks for sharing!


  13. Oh my gosh you would LOVE Tuscany. It’s a creators paradise. Art, stories, novels, food. I was only there for 3 days, but it caught my heart.


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