Choices, choices!


Paperback, ebook or audio?

Which do you like best? I’m going to answer that question backward. Why? Just listen…

I’ve never been able to listen to an audio book without my attention wandering.

When we first moved to New England ( and even still to this day) we would travel to NYC to visit relatives frequently via car. My husband is the main driver in the family, so I have always been relegated to the front seat passenger side. You can only talk so much in a car before it gets: distracting, boring, tiring, so that means I usually need something to pass the 4+ hours ( without traffic) it takes to get to our destination. I tried listening to audio books when we first started these treks. Five minutes in my mind would start to wander or drift, or I’d slip into sleep. Just listening to someone’s voice – no matter how riveting the book was reported to be – was mind numbing to me. So, not a fan of audiobooks.


I had an original Kindle. You know, like ten years ago when it costs $300+ dollars!!

Again, I purchased it mainly because we travel so much and carting heavy books around, because I like to read hardbacks, was getting to be too much in luggage weight. I took the Patricia Cornwall book Scarpetta to England and the flight attendant said I had to stow it because it was so heavy! SO the Kindle seemed perfect. And I do love my Kindle. I have my account and the app uploaded on all my devices from phone to computer to iPad so I am always able to read wherever I am.


There is just something about a book.

I love the way a library and an old book store smells. No, not musty and damp!!! But like you just sense down to your bones the millions of words and pages living in those places. I like holding a book, especially if I’m sitting down in a cozy, favorite chair, by a  warm fire on a cold day. I fully realize it’s wicked easier holding a Kindle when you are standing in line waiting to get on an airplane, or on the subway, and that’s another reason I love my Kindle: ease of holding. If I read my Kindle before bed, though, my brain tends to not shut down easily. A battery of psychologists did testing that postulated this is because the pixels and the other cyber stuff of devices forces your brain to stay awake by stimulating it. Reading a regular book, on the other hand, is calming to your brain.

Ahhh, a book….turnable pages filled with inky thoughts and ideas…something solid, that has weight – both in ounces and substance(!)

SO for me, it’s never really a contest – a real book all the time. ( With Kindle a close second!)

Stop by the other authors in the Blog Challenge and see how they like to read….



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9 responses to “Choices, choices!

  1. I’m glad I’m not the only one who commented about the ‘smell’ of a book/book store/library. 🙂

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  2. Thanks for a fun post! I love all three. The audiobook gets me through housecleaning. The Kindle is always ready. Books are on my phone for long lines, unexpected waits, and light-load travelling. The real deal, the ink and paper books? Those are my ever present best friends. They live by my bedside, my chair, in my car, and in my beach bag. I make plans to see them all, but there is never enough time.

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  3. Sherry Lewis

    The smell of a book store is THE best smell ever!! I hate that some book stores now smell more like old coffee than like books.

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  4. I can’t get into audiobooks either. The voices they tend to annoy me. With getting a reading device, I can’t remember the last time I bought the physical copy of any book. At least not for myself. I bought a set of books for my oldest son because he really wanted them, but has yet to crack them open.

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  5. That’s too funny that you had to stow the book on an airplane! I remember taking so many books that my suitcase was too heavy and I had to take a few out…

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  6. A book in any format is still a book and I plan to keep reading as long as I’m alive.

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  7. I’m a fan of paper also!

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  8. Your tastes and mine are pretty similar, it seems. Except for the smell. Books are dust catchers and an asthmatic who’s allergic to dust.

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  9. I’m glad I’m not the only one whose mind wanders during audio books:)


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