My bad habits…

oh, peeps, there isn’t enough space in one blog posting for this topic as it applies to me!

Quick look at some of them: I bite my nails, I stress eat,  I emotionally eat, I eat when I’m bored ( you get it: I EAT!) I have knee-jerk reactions to things, I’m impatient with people. The list goes on and on and…..

You get it.

So, instead of picking one of my own terrible character flaws to expound on in this piece, I’ll stick to a bad writing habit. (It’s easier and less demoralizing!!!)

The worst writing habit I have is that I am not focused. I tend to flit from project to project, book to book, plot to Pinterest, continually, taking forever to finish one thing.

Every night I make a list of the writing things I need to get done the next day. The list usually has between 5 and 10 items ranging from: finish current WIP plotline, to write Friday blog piece, to everything I have to post onto HootsuiteInterspersed into those writing necessities are things like: do laundry, go to bank, iron. Here’s yesterday’s list:

And every day my list is completed to about 90-95 percent. I rarely have 100% done because…you know….life.

But still. 90-95 percent is great.

Yeah, it’s not, really, though. The 90-95 percent stuff that gets done, does so in drip and drabs. When I should be working -totally invested in- my current wip, I will write a little, stop, do one of the things ( or more) on the list, then MAYBE get back to my writing again later on. After errands….laundry…..lunch.

It gets frustrating at times that I can’t just sit down and focus all my attention on the one thing that I want to, namely, just write.

Is this procrastination? Distraction syndrome? Or is it just the flitting and meandering mind of a woman whose husband claims “has too much time on her hands?” HeeHee

I truly don’t know. My mind never rests, never stops, never says, “Whoa there, Nelly. Let’s focus on one thing at a time.” NO. My mind is like the genie in the Disney Aladdin, in constant motion, never calming, never taking a breath, always in motion, going from one thing to another.





It’s exhausting.

And you know what else it is?
Me. That simple.

So, bad habit, curse, or just the way I’m made, my mind will continue to meander. My thoughts will continue to jump from one thing to the next with lightning speed. My focus will remain….un. (Focused, that is!)

Want to read about other authors and their “bad Habits?” click on the links below and visit them. Leave some love. Or support. Or  encouragement….or, wait…is it raining? let me go look…..



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10 responses to “My bad habits…

  1. Great post! I think one of my skills could be ‘perfecting procrastination’ lol. Your 90-95% completion rate is pretty awesome!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Peggy Jaeger

    Maureen – not a skill- a SUPERPOWER!!! that’s the way I like to think of it.


  3. 90-95% completion rate is impressive…definitely a superpower!! Have a great weekend, Peggy 🙂


  4. Sherry Lewis

    I think I could only achieve a 90-95% completion rate if I put “go to bahroom” and “take nap” on equal footing with “write 10 pages in WIP.” Your success rate is admirable!


  5. LOL….I list on FB every morning about my goals for the day….and sometimes it gets a bit long!


  6. A focus deficiency is definitely a bad habit for a novelist, though maybe not for a short story writer.


  7. Lol, I can relate to the genie! Still, congrats for nailing 90-95 percent of your list every day, no matter how you do it!


  8. Peggy, I’m in awe of your 90-95% completion rate on your to do lists for the day. That’s amazing. I never achieve that much.

    I hear you on the lack of focus though, and the stress eating, and the emotional eating. I need to cut down on the stress so I can lose some weight. Or something.

    Remember to stop and breathe once in a while.


  9. I can totally relate to this. I usually carry over things from my list day to day! I try to knock them out within the week though. Great post!


  10. I have a hard time just sitting still and focusing on my WIP at one time. I start a scene, write a little stop and think about that scene. Open social media, look around the internet, go back to the scene, write a word or two…you get the point. No wonder it takes me so long to finish writing.


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