Favorite Book Quotes #MFRWAuthors

Last week we were charged with giving our readers our favorite quotes. Today, it’s our favorite books quotes. I actually quote from books a lot in my everyday life, especially when something happens that requires it. So, in no order, here are my favorite book quotes:

“I knew I could!” from The Little Engine That Could. Best book about self-motivation EVAH!

Has there ever been a better expression of love than Pooh to Piglet, in Winnie the Pooh?

I read The Lord of the Rings a million-bazillion years ago but this quote still resonates.

Everyone who knows me knows what a HUGE J.D. Robb fan I am. There are simply too many fabulous quotes throughout the IN DEATH series for me to choose my favorite, but here are some of my favs because they all go to the character of Eve Dallas.


From my spirit guide to the romance world, Jane Austen, I give you these: 

Genius. Pure genius.






I can’t wait to see what favorite book quotes are listed for all the other fabulous authors in this blog hop. Click on the links below to visit them.




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10 responses to “Favorite Book Quotes #MFRWAuthors

  1. Love it! Need I say more- you are already well aware of my love of all things quotes 🙂

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  2. Peggy Jaeger

    Maureen – you and I are cut from the same quote loving cloth!!!


  3. Sigh. I LOVE the quotes you choose here. And yes, I enjoy J.D. Robb, as well as Austen of course. Totally different writers, and yet both delightful to read.


  4. Although I put down The Lord of the Rings in a recent blog post, I must say I love the quotation you selected from it.

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  5. Love this list! And I totally forgot all the great Jane quotes in my post.


  6. LMAO on the JD Robb quotes! Eve Dallas is a good way to start my day:)


  7. Love them all, but especially the one from Pooh!


  8. Hugs and love to you always ❤️❤️❤️

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  9. Awesome selections. I especially loved the one from Memory in Death.


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