#MFRWAuthors week 41…My Blogging Inspiration

Another week…another topic that could go a couple of ways. I’m going to take the easy route ( for me) and tell you what my blogging inspiration is.


You. The Reader. The one who clicks on the link to my blog every day through WordPress or Google+ or Goodreads and actually READS it.

You, dear reader, are my inspiration.

Why, you ask? Well, I’m gonna tell ya.

You read what I write.



You make a thoughtful choice, everyday, to click on and see if I’ve uploaded a new blog with a new topic.

If it weren’t FOR you there would be no ME writing a BLOG.

Of course I could write it. But if it weren’t for YOU it wouldn’t be read and shared and retweeted and “Hearted” (I couldn’t find the heart emoji for Instagram!!!)

You inspire me to keep writing my blog everyday. Whenever I see the blog post shared, or liked, or whatever I know I am effecting someone’s life, either positively, negatively ( egads!), informationally, or spiritually.



So, based on this, I will continue to be inspired daily to write for you.







Now, that’s my take on this blog. I’m sure the other MFRW authors have different opinions, so why don’t you click on their links and see how they interpreted this little bit of blogging inspiration….



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9 responses to “#MFRWAuthors week 41…My Blogging Inspiration

  1. Nods, claps hands and shouts ‘Good answer! Good answer!’- Family Feud Style.
    What a perfect response to this week’s challenge – you nailed it! 🙂

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  2. Well-said, Peggy! Great memes, also.


  3. Sherry Lewis

    Lovely! Yes, yes, yes!


  4. Enjoyed the memes! Going off to steal one or two….;)


  5. I said the same thing, but you have better memes. 🙂


  6. WEll said! I wish I’d stated mine as succinctly! Love the memes!


  7. Very precise post! Enjoyed the memes, too. Thanks for sharing!


  8. You’re right, Peggy. Without readers, where would we be?


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