#October: A Month of Pink

If you follow me on Instagram you may have noticed that most of my picture postings in October were filtered in pink. I did that intentionally because October is National Breast Cancer awareness month.

I don’t usually use any of my social media sites as a platform. That’s not my intention when I’m on Face book or Twitter. It’s to entertain. But this is a topic too important for too many reasons not to use my voice for empowerment and education.

So all through October, I’ve been subconsciously getting you to see pink every time you looked at one of my photos. Why the subterfuge? Because it’s a lot easier to get your point across to someone when they don’t know you’re trying to make one! Sneaky? Yes. Manipulative? Oh yeah. Shrewd and cunning? Hell to the yes!


I have found throughout my long, long life that it’s easier to persuade, educate, and influence someone else by speaking softly and being consistent with a message. I could write a blog every single day about why mammograms are important; why self breast exams are necessary; why genetic screening for family histories of breast cancer are imperative.

But you would read one, maybe 2 or 3 three blogs, and then tune me out. Fact of life, peeps.

By subliminally having you see the color pink every single day in October you would start to question ( as many of you have, evidenced by the emails I’ve gotten!) why all my posts are filtered in that color. Even the memes in this blog piece are all pink, another subliminal message and reminder.

Now you know why.

Are you pissed at me? Maybe. Probably. Because who wants to be manipulated, right?
But will you remember that October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, now? Yuppers. Will you schedule your mammogram soon? Hopefully. Did I do some good being such a cunning little writer-girl? That’s to be seen….

When I’m not being calculating, wily, and devious, you can usually find me here: Tweet Me//Read Me// Visit Me//Picture Me//Pin Me//Friend Me//Google+Me// Triber// Book Me


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