Why I love a list….

I’m a list-maker. You know: one of those annoying people who write everything they have to do, everyplace they have to go, and every item they need to buy, down on a piece of paper before they ever leave the house or attempt a task.

This is the list of things I needed to do for Saturday, July 7.  You will notice the list is even dated. That’s so I don’t confuse it with another day’s list. You will also note at the bottom of the list is a reminder to write a blog on…lists.

I make lists for the grocery store; the chores I need to do; the stops I have to make while I am out of the house doing normal life stuff. I make sublists, too, when I have to go more than 2 or three places during one trip. I’ll list my destination, then – in bullet form – all the things I need to purchase or do at each place.

I have lists for birthday presents. I have a list of people I need to buy or make Christmas gifts for every year. I have a list of the days I need to send bills out to be paid.

I have a list of all the blogs I want to write, a list for the titles of the books I need to finish ( or start!) and then sublists added to that.

I have a bucket list with 1000 items on it. I have a to-do list for every day next week already.

I make a lot of lists. A lot of lists.

Maybe if I stopped making lists, I’d get more stuff on the lists done. Just a thought…..





When I’m not making lists, you can usually find me here: Tweet Me//Read Me// Visit Me//Picture Me//Pin Me//Friend Me//Google+Me// Triber// Book Me


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6 responses to “Why I love a list….

  1. *raises hand* Inveterate list maker here as well. I list errands to do outside the house, including what to do or purchase at each stop, and I list chores to do inside the house. My grocery list is written in the order of the store aisles.

    When the kids were little I kept lists of their activities – sports, music, playdates. Not for their benefit but for mine! They seemed to have no trouble remembering that stuff. If I don’t write it down when I think of it, it disappears into the ether.

    I note gift ideas as they come to me otherwise I’ll forget. I list books to be written, especially the title. You don’t want to risk forgetting a stellar title!!!

    Writing it down gets it out of my brain and safely recorded so I don’t need to keep reminding myself, thereby freeing valuable brain-space for more important things, like nefarious doings to inflict on my characters .

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  2. mrsnnnlight

    I’m an obsessive list maker. I have a list for everything from groceries to what I need to get done each and every day. If I didn’t have a list, I’d never remember to get everything done.

    MR N once gave me a list of famous historical figures who made lists and kept notes. It helped me feel good about my listmaking tendencies. lol!

    Listmakers unite!

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  3. I make list of everything i have to do in a particular day.. but making grocery list nd arranging them based on there shops I haven’t did.. I must say your managing your time☺


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