#L&SR #WednesdayBloggingChallenge 4.10.19

Today’s blog prompt, Characters I never want to meet, was a hard one for me to wrap my head around. I wondered if it meant characters who are already out in the book reading world that are so heinous and unlikable I wouldn’t want to waste a breath on meeting them. Or… if it’s people who haven’t been written yet, just little nuggets of character profiles.

A conundrum to be sure.

I’m gonna go with my first thought that it’s people who are already alive and walking around in the pages of books who I simply want to avoid at all costs.

Hannibal Lecter for example. I mean, would YOU want to meet a cannibal? I’m kinda chubby and I know he’d be thinking LUNCH whenever he looked at me.  Pass.

Jack Torrance is another one who’d I’d rather not shake hands with. He could have an axe behind his back, at the ready to whip it out and go-a-chopping-crazy. No thanks. Pass.

I’m thinking Amy Dunne is a gal I’d rather not meet up for a chat and a cuppa at the local Starbucks for so many reasons, but the biggest one is anyone who has that expressive a resting bitch face is the kind of person you know is planning 50 ways to make your life miserable while she’s chomping at a biscotti. Yeah…BIG PASS!

And does anyone REALLY want to meet Voldemort? I know I don’t. Creep factor aside, there’s that whole moving to dark side thing that’s so unappealing. Pass. Big Pass. Never-gonna-happen-pass.

Maybe the reason I stick to writing romance is because none of my villains are terrifying. Just nasty and petty. I can deal with nasty and petty. Terrifying? Not so much.

Let’s see who some of the other author/bloggers participating in this challenge want to avoid. L&SR

And please don’t avoid me or my characters! We’re nice people. Really. You can find us here:

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8 responses to “#L&SR #WednesdayBloggingChallenge 4.10.19

  1. Echo Ishii

    Jack is a classic! But no, I never want to meet him.
    Here’s mine:

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  2. Yours were on my lengthier list that was in my head… there were so many great (bad?) folks to choose from this week! thanks for stopping by my post earlier.

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  3. Kathy

    ooh, I chose Hannibel Lecter too. You know I was adopted…are you sure you aren’t my sister lol

    Here’s mine: http://www.ourtownbookreviews.com/2019/04/characters-i-never-want-to-meet.html

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  4. lydiaschoch

    Voldemort was on my list, too! The rest of the people on your list were good choices, too. They’re definitely not folks I’d invite to a dinner party.

    My post.

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  5. Anyone from the horror movie genre, really. But I’m a wuss. I don’t think I’d want to meet the vampires from Salem’s Lot, either.

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  6. Tena Stetler

    Peggy, I have to agree with each of your choices. Well done!

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