#Long&ShortReviewsWednesdayBloggerChallenge 4.17.19

Today’s prompt was a thinker for me. We had to come up with 10 unusual things about ourselves. I actually think I’m the most boring person on the planet, so this was kinda tough to write. I had to dig really deep and even go back to high school days to come up with anything. So, here goes: 10 unusual things about me ( the most person alive!)

10. I love scary movies

9. my left eye is significantly smaller than my right ( 2 cataract surgeries, and 2 retinal detachments, plus facial fractures as a baby from an accident)

8. I have vocal cord polyps, which is why I sound like a big smoker when I’ve never had a cigarette in my life.

7. I can name every movie made in 1939 ( being a lonely kid made me a big TV movie watcher)

6. I can recite the entire Wizard of Oz movie along with it

5. I have a heightened senses of taste and smell because of an accident I had as a baby

4. I got a perfect English score on the SAT

3. I can sit in full Lotus

2. I can’t whistle, try though I might

1.  I’m a great mimic

Let’s see what some of the other authors in this blog challenge have that’s unusual about them: L&SR

And when I’m going about living my normal, boring days, you can find me here:

Tweet Me//Read Me// Visit Me//Picture Me//Pin Me//Friend Me// Triber// BookMe // Monkey me //Watch me

Here’s the link to my TELL ME ABOUT YOUR DAMN BOOK podcast interview, just in case you missed it: TMAYDB

and the link to my recent interview on NewHampshirePublicRadio

And I can’t forget the OKRWA 2018 Award video



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10 responses to “#Long&ShortReviewsWednesdayBloggerChallenge 4.17.19

  1. Having a heightened sense of taste and smell could be good or bad…hmmm. My post is here: http://jhthomas.blogspot.com/2019/04/wednesday-weekly-blogging-challenge-ten.html

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  2. I’m jealous of your lotus ability … truly. I’m the least flexible person on earth! LOL… I’m here today: http://www.mariannearkins.com/wednesday-weekly-blogging-challenge-10-unusual-things-about-me/

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  3. I can’t sit in full lotus. I’m lucky if I can keep my balance when I’m standing, let alone sitting. Lol! And go you on the score. That’s awesome!!

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  4. Tena Stetler

    full lotus, no way! I commend you! Scary movies, nope not me. Enjoyed your 10 things. Have a great week!!!

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  5. Peggy Jaeger

    marianne – only really special people can do it!


  6. Kathy

    Well, it’s decided…we can’t be sisters. To begin with I am about as awkward as can be. Although I love the Wizard of Oz, being a singer means the only thing I know all of the words to are the songs.
    Good post.


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