#LongandShortReviews #Weeklybloggingchallenge 9.18.19

So, this week’s prompt is a thoughtful one: WHAT IS MY SUPERPOWER?

Easier asked than answered.

I can tell you what it isn’t:

I can’t –

Fly, read minds, become invisible, breathe underwater, teleport.

I don’t –

have xray vision, bat-hearing,  a dog’s sense of smell,  inhuman strength,  eidetic memory, or the ability to heal  someone with a simple touch.

I’m not –

strong, agile, quick/fast, charming or compelling, brilliant, telepathic.

What I CAN do is simple and extremely valuable, though: I’m a human bullshit detector.

I can spot a lie coming from a liar’s mouth after one sentence.

With this superpower I’ve been able to spot con-men, cheats, narcissists, thieves, and psychopaths in a heartbeat.

I’ve known when children are lying to get out of being punished for naughty behavior and adults are lying to avoid censure for bad deeds.

I’ve known when someone is bullshitting me, flattering me for nefarious reasons, attempting to steal from me, and sucking up to me for their own ends.

It’s a gift more than a superpower, I think, and one I am sososos thankful for. It’s helped me remove myself from tricky situations and helped me shove people who were up to no good from my life. It’s saved me from being a lemming many times, too!

I flirted with being a lawyer or an FBI agent for about 5 minutes when I was in my 20s due to this talent. But I liked Nursing more.

Let’s see what some of the other authors in this challenge consider their superpower; L&SR

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Until next time ~ Peg


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9 responses to “#LongandShortReviews #Weeklybloggingchallenge 9.18.19

  1. That’s one I could use… I had friends who used to tell me that I had “gullible” stamped across my forehead. sigh… my post is here

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  2. lydiaschoch

    What an awesome power to have! Good for you. Do you have any tips on how to learn to spot bullshit right away?

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  3. I used to think I had this super power. I could spot those calls saying we’d won a vacation or whatever, a mile away. Then I let someone I thought was genuine take advantage. So much for that talent. I wish I’d had you around to tell me this person was no good. Lol.
    Great power to have. I admire it. 🙂

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  4. Jennifer Zander Wilck

    That’s very cool! I’m good at reading people and then using what I learn to work with them, or avoid them, as the case may be. It comes in handy.

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  5. Patrick Prescott

    A very valuable gift indeed.

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  6. LOL Gotta love this answer, for sure!

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