#LongandShortReviews #Wednesdaydayblogchallenge 10.23.19


I’ve been a little absent from this blog hop lately because I’ve been uber busy. But this topic was one I found I could easily write: Books I’ve read on someone else’s recommendation.

Before Netgalley, word of mouth was the best way I found out about new authors and new books. Rosie O’Donnell recommended HARRY POTTER on her television show and I was so enamored at the idea of the book I bought it and my then 8 year old daughter and I read it together.

A girlfriend recommended I read Marianne Rice’s STRAWBERRY KISSES and I’ve been a fan every since!

While at a romance writing conference, I overheard two gals talking about this author they’d discovered named JILL SHALVIS who wrote a book called the LUCKY HARBOR series. I’ve been a faithful fan since the first day I read one of those books.

And before I knew that JD ROBB was the doppelganger of Nora Roberts, I read NAKED IN DEATH based on a recommendation of the woman who owned my local book store. I loved the voice of JD Robb at once and when I found out she was really Nora, well, that just solidified her books for me.

Now, with Netgalley, I’m able to be the one who recommends books to my own friends….which is fantastic!! My only hope in life is that someone recommends MY BOOKS to some of THEIR friends!

Hee hee.

Let’s see what some of the other book recommendations on this blog are: L&SR

Until next time ~ Peg

And don’t forget, my new book IT’S A TRUST THING releases on 11/1/19, exclusive to Kindle and KU and is up for pre-order right now. And just so we’re clear on this, I’m RECOMMENDING THIS BOOK TO YOU!!!!




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7 responses to “#LongandShortReviews #Wednesdaydayblogchallenge 10.23.19

  1. Hey … the stunning review of your book at LASR made me a fan 🙂 …

    I really love book recommendations. It gives me a little more faith in choosing a new to me author.

    I’m here today: http://www.mariannearkins.com/wednesday-weekly-blogging-challenge-books-i-read-on-someones-recommendation/

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  2. I’ve had lots of books i found via this blog challenge series. I have a whole sticky on my laptop screen with recommendations. 🙂

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  3. lydiaschoch

    Welcome back! And I didn’t know you could recommend books to people on Netgalley. Cool.

    My post.

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  4. Patrick Prescott

    I’ve enjoyed a number of Nora Roberts books. https://pmprescott.blogspot.com/


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