#LongandShortReviews 11.20.19 Weekly #Bloggingchallenge

Today’s challenge topic is very apropos the season: THINGS I’M THANKFUL FOR.

Every year, author, author ANGELA HAYES does a November month long THANKFUL AUTHORS promotion, where other authors tell what they are thankful for. This was my post this year: TA

One of the things I wrote that I am most thankful for this year is that I still have my mother with me. I am an only child and therefore the sole caretaker and advocate for my mother and stepfather. Since my father doesn’t want a relationship with me and hasn’t for some years, my primary focus as a daughter has been to mom and stepdad.

My aging parents continue to, well…age, and bring with that all the problems and complaints specific to the infirm elderly with them.I need to take them places now because they don’t drive, can’t be waiting for buses in the winter cold and can’t afford taxis to take them to weekly doctor appointments or even grocery shopping. My mother fell and broke her hip last year and every movement she makes worries me because I am afraid she will fall again. They live about 25 miles from me, so I need to set aside one entire day every week to get them where they need to be. I’m not complaining, even though it may sound as if I am. They want to remain in their own home for as long as they can live somewhat independently and I will not take that away from them. They know if the decision ever needs to be made that they will need to move to elder care, I will support whatever they want to do. I feel having as much independence that they can, albeit limited, is much more sound emotionally and mentally for them. Luckily, I am afforded the luxury of being able to cater to their needs – which aren’t many, but still…

So when I say my prayers at night and when I sit down to Thanksgiving dinner this year, this is the thought uppermost in my mind and what I am thankful for: in this age when families are fractured, relationships are fragile, and people care more about themselves and their own needs than those of others who need help, I am thankful I have the capacity to care for my aging parents and to try and make their lives a little better. They don’t have much time left in this physical world. I want it to be as happy as I can help make it.

Let’s see what some of the other authors in this blog challenge are thankful for this year: L&SR

Until next time ~ Peg





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10 responses to “#LongandShortReviews 11.20.19 Weekly #Bloggingchallenge

  1. Something to be truly thankful for. I was in the same situation with my father (he’s since passed away)…from the time I was 5. But my mama lived right across the street from us until her stroke. She’s in a skilled nursing center now, but I see her every day (unless we’re out of town, of course). I’m so thankful to still have her with us.

    My post is here.

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  2. Having lost my grandfather this year and it finally hitting me that I have no more grandfathers left, this post resonated with me. Kudos for taking care of your mother and stepfather. It’s a big commitment and they’re worth it. Great post. ((Hugs))

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  3. lydiaschoch

    I’m glad you have such a good relationship with your mom and stepdad.

    My post.

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  4. I agree with this so much. I have an elderly mother who’s still (barely) able to live on her own, but I call her daily and visit once a week. I have to do things like clean her house and I help with food, etc., but you know what? That’s a blessing… because most folks my age don’t have their parents around any more. I’m so glad you do, too! ❤

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  5. That day when you look at your parents and realize that they’re suddenly starting to look like grandparents is rough. Even rougher when your role with your parents starts reversing and you need to take care of them, not the other way around. I’m pretty sure your folks are just as thankful for your help as you are to have them in your life 🙂


  6. You’re a good daughter. And I didn’t take that as complaining in the least – even though you’re willing and grateful to be able to help, it can still be stressful and frustrating at times. Acknowledging that is important for your own well-being, as well as theirs!

    My post.


  7. What a great daughter you are. Being an only child is tough when your parents get older. Mine passed several years ago and I miss her terribly. Yeah, my dad wasn’t in the picture either. My husband is also an only child and his dad passed last year and his mother in October. Now we are all that are left of our families. kinda sad. Happy Thanksgiving to you Peg!


  8. Michael Mock

    I’m very much feeling this right now. After my mom passed away a couple of years ago, my father remarried and… to be honest, it’s given him a whole new lease on life. She can still drive, so they have an active (and musical) social life and hobbies and… I’m not sure how to say it except that my father just looks so much more *alive* than he did for a while there.


  9. Patrick Prescott

    My mom’s still alive and driving everyone in her senior citizen home crazy. I spend two or three days a week taking her to doctors or getting her hair done. You’ve got a great list.https://pmprescott.blogspot.com/


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