#mugshotmonday 3.1.2021

Lest you think I only drink tea on Monday’s when I post this blog…perish the thought. Heehee

Today’s theme is a two-fer. 1. Do you have an oversized mug? This one can hold almost 24 ounces- which is a lot of tea in one shot!! and/or 2. do you have a mug with a favorite inspirational saying? This one says DON’T QUIT YOUR DAYDREAM. Love that!!! If I’d quit my dream of becoming a published author, none of you would be reading this blog right now.

SO, I showed you mine…show me yours. Either an oversized/supersized mug or one with an inspirational thought. Or both!!!

Until next time, peeps, enjoy your hot drinks~~
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4 responses to “#mugshotmonday 3.1.2021

  1. Love your saying for today, Peggy! I’ll just have to tell you mine: “Grandmothers Do a Heart Good.” Special because it was a surprise gift from a granddaughter one day. Have a happy, dreamy week!


  2. A friend gave me a mug that says “Only the strongest women become writers.”


  3. Peggy Jaeger

    Caroline – I adore that saying!!!!!


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