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#mugshotmonday 3.1.2021

Lest you think I only drink tea on Monday’s when I post this blog…perish the thought. Heehee

Today’s theme is a two-fer. 1. Do you have an oversized mug? This one can hold almost 24 ounces- which is a lot of tea in one shot!! and/or 2. do you have a mug with a favorite inspirational saying? This one says DON’T QUIT YOUR DAYDREAM. Love that!!! If I’d quit my dream of becoming a published author, none of you would be reading this blog right now.

SO, I showed you mine…show me yours. Either an oversized/supersized mug or one with an inspirational thought. Or both!!!

Until next time, peeps, enjoy your hot drinks~~
Looking for me? here I am:

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Words to live by…..#MFRWauthors

There are sooooooooooooo many ways this blog title could go. I think the movers and shakers and powers that be at #MFRWauthors and MFRWorg. do that intentionally: give you a title that’s up to YOU — the writer — to interpret.

Do I tell you the words that I try to live each day by? Justice, fairness, romance, HEA?

Do I tell you my favorite combination of words that get me through the day? My inspirational, motivational quotes?

Do I offer you some of my favorite book titles and books that lend themselves to making my life better?
See? It’s hard to interpret just exactly what’s meant by this title.

So, I’m gonna throw a dart at the wall and tell you a couple of motivation, inspirational quotes that I try to live each day by, and that I hope will inspire and motivate others.


— people say I’m a hardass. I think that quote proves it, no?


Always do better once you know how to. Always.


Another way to put this one is: don’t be a lemming, be a leader.

#4 and this one is a shout out for everyone, not just me:

–and for all the doubters and haters out there, #5

It’s gonna be fun to see how the other authors participating in this blog hop field this title! Click on their links below and see.



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