So, I did a thing. #KindleVella

As if I didn’t have enough on my professional plate, I recently took on another project: I signed up as a Kindle Vella author.

I know….

But…in this ever changing and growing world of book publishing, authors need to try different venues to get their work seen by readers and Kindle Vella is the newest way to do that.

In the Victorian age in England, episodic series stories would appear weekly in the newspapers. Charles Dickens was a big proponent of his stories being seen by the masses this way, people who couldn’t afford a real book, but would read the chapters of the book weekly for a penny.

Since newspapers seem to be a dying breed these days with digital reading the easiest way to get your daily info, podcasts and ebooks and reading on your phones is becoming more and more popular each day. Kindle Vella was made for people who like to read this way.

Here’s a very thorough description of how Vella works for readers: Kindle Vella Reader experience. Just clink on the individual links to see how to load the app, read stories, etc.

The coo thing to me as a reader is that if you don’t like the story, you don’t have to worry you’ve paid for a book you don’t want, because you pay as you go, separately fo reach episode. Cool beans, that!

So, a little backstory. 175 years ago, when I was a fledgling writer, I was obsessed with serial killers. I wrote several books that are stuffed in a drawer and will never see the light of day, but the one I submitted to Vella – VINDICATION – was one I lovedlovedloved writing. And I hope you like reading it.

The first 3 chapters you can read for free. I plan on putting up three chapters/episodes per week until it’s done and then start a new one.

Here, again, in the link to my story: VINDICATION

Someone is murdering teenage girls in Washington, DC.

The FBI’s special division, the SPCD – the Sexual Predators of Children – has been working the case for the past 6 months. When a Senator’s daughter goes missing, the team, lead by Tucker Petrie, has to call on retired profiler – and Tucker’s past partner – Kella O’Brian. Reluctantly, she rejoins the team as they search for a link to the girls who have been abducted, then killed. When the killer strikes close to Kella’s home, the case turns to a decidedly different path.


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