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So, I did a thing. #KindleVella

As if I didn’t have enough on my professional plate, I recently took on another project: I signed up as a Kindle Vella author.

I know….

But…in this ever changing and growing world of book publishing, authors need to try different venues to get their work seen by readers and Kindle Vella is the newest way to do that.

In the Victorian age in England, episodic series stories would appear weekly in the newspapers. Charles Dickens was a big proponent of his stories being seen by the masses this way, people who couldn’t afford a real book, but would read the chapters of the book weekly for a penny.

Since newspapers seem to be a dying breed these days with digital reading the easiest way to get your daily info, podcasts and ebooks and reading on your phones is becoming more and more popular each day. Kindle Vella was made for people who like to read this way.

Here’s a very thorough description of how Vella works for readers: Kindle Vella Reader experience. Just clink on the individual links to see how to load the app, read stories, etc.

The coo thing to me as a reader is that if you don’t like the story, you don’t have to worry you’ve paid for a book you don’t want, because you pay as you go, separately fo reach episode. Cool beans, that!

So, a little backstory. 175 years ago, when I was a fledgling writer, I was obsessed with serial killers. I wrote several books that are stuffed in a drawer and will never see the light of day, but the one I submitted to Vella – VINDICATION – was one I lovedlovedloved writing. And I hope you like reading it.

The first 3 chapters you can read for free. I plan on putting up three chapters/episodes per week until it’s done and then start a new one.

Here, again, in the link to my story: VINDICATION

Someone is murdering teenage girls in Washington, DC.

The FBI’s special division, the SPCD – the Sexual Predators of Children – has been working the case for the past 6 months. When a Senator’s daughter goes missing, the team, lead by Tucker Petrie, has to call on retired profiler – and Tucker’s past partner – Kella O’Brian. Reluctantly, she rejoins the team as they search for a link to the girls who have been abducted, then killed. When the killer strikes close to Kella’s home, the case turns to a decidedly different path.


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DIRTY DAMSELS is FREEEEEEE until January 12~

Hey kids! If you haven’t read DIRTY DAMSELS yet, now’s your chance because it’s FREE until January 12 – so download it today, here: DD.

You DO NOT need to subscribe to Kindle Unlimited to get it for free. The Publisher is just having a sale ( a free sale, hee hee!)

And look at this lovely little scene I awoke to today: Right now, DIRTY DAMSELS stands at # 54 in RomComs in Kindle!!!! Yowza.

Let’s see if we can get that number even lower. What’d’ya’say??

Nothing like shameless promo to start the day!!!

Until next time, peeps. Happy reading ~ Peg

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#SundaySnippet 8.2.2020 – WOKE, free on Kindle

Since WOKE is free on kindle until 8/5/2020, I thought it appropriate I put a little snippet here today to whet your book reading appetite.

“Thank you. Two hundred thousand dollars will go a long way in helping the center with operating costs. A long, long way.”

“It’s my client who deserves the thanks. Like I said, he wanted the painting and I was instructed to do whatever it took to acquire it. But the fact that the money he’s paying is going to a worthy cause is more a bonus for me than him.”

“In what way?”

He shifted and leaned in closer. I found myself doing the same as if I were being pulled by an invisible rope toward him. I startled when our knees bumped under the table.

With his voice low and wildly arousing, and his gaze centered squarely on my face, he said, “It got me to put a name to, and share a meal with, the beautiful woman I haven’t been able to get out of my head ever since I bumped into her this morning. Any price was worth it for that. I was prepared to go as high as needed.”

To say his words filled me with pleasure would be decidedly too tame. My toes curled inside my Kate Spade kitten heels and I found myself unable to sit still in my chair as excitement flowed through me mixed with a healthy dose of lust. I tried to pull my gaze away from his, but honestly, it was impossible. I couldn’t not look at him. It was as if I’d been mesmerized and compelled to stare at him.

His lips were parted a fraction, and this close to me, I had the mad urge again to lean forward and press mine against them.

Because I could see myself actually doing it, I called up the little amount of willpower I could summon and shifted back a bit before I embarrassed myself in front of a table full of people, one of whom was my mother.

He continued to hold my gaze prisoner, that appealing half grin still in place.

From somewhere deep down my twenty-year-old self sprang forth, unbidden and unexpected.

“Why Mr. Enright, are you flirting with me?”

He leaned even closer and asked, “How am I doing?”

Intrigued? Download your free Kindle copy here: WOKE

Until next time, peeps  ~ Peg


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#WInnerWinnerChickenDinner …or, I’m trying to be humble, but it’s hard!

Sometimes I can come up with a blog post title that just needs nothing else – no post at all, just the title. Today, that’s true. hee hee.

Okay, well, maybe a little explanation.

I was notified this past Thursday that two of my books had finaled in the OKRWA International Digital Awards. One book had won, the other placed fifth!


The winner was CHRISTMAS & CANNOLIS in the Contemporary Novel category and the 5th winner place was DEARLY BELOVED In the same category.

This is the second year in a row I’ve won this category. Last year the winner was COOKING WITH KANDY.

To say I’m humbled wouldn’t be sufficient. In all honesty, no writer writes a story alone. My editor at WRP, Eilidh Mackenzie edited both of these novels, so I consider this win hers as much as mine! And of course, I wouldn’t be winning anything if Rhonda Penders and RJ Morris hadn’t taken a chance on a 55 year old menopausal chickita who had a dream to have a romance book published traditionally.

Yeah, it’s turning out to be a good year…what there is left of it. Heehee

Until next time ~ Peg


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