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#FIRSTLINEFRIDAY 5.19.2023 #romanticsuspense #bodyguard #NYCromance

Today’s first line come from the second book in A PRIDE OF BROTHERS, this one featuring the youngest brother, AIDEN.

This little treasure won a whole passel of awards and was a RONE finalist in 2022 in the romantic suspense category. This is the review that garnered a crowned heart:


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#firstlinefriday 5.5.2023 A PRIDE OF BROTHERS: RICK #romanticsuspense #Bodyguardtrope #enemiestolovers

The first book in my A PRIDE OF BROTHERS series, RICK, is one of my favorite stories because it’s an enemies-to-lovers trope, something I just adore reading because it’s always fun to see who caves in first and admits their feelings!

“Maybe you want to slow down the champagne chugging, Abs,” Gemma Laine said, her tone more suggestive of a parent than a sibling, as she lowered her camera and regarded her older sister.

RICK was a Rone Finalist in the Romantic Suspense category, has been a READER RECOMMENDED book by Author Shout in 2020, and has even been made into a game by CHAPTERS Intereactive ROMANCE stories

This is one hot and sexy book.

It can be read in the KISS APP, too



This book won so many awards and was nominated for so many more, that it holds a special place in my heart because it validated I could write romantic suspense and people like what I wrote!

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