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A #bookthrone Social Media follow & a chance to win a $250.00 Amazon GC!

I’ve teamed up with my favorite promo site, Bookthrone, and together with a host of other authors, we’re sponsoring a SOCIAL MEDIA FOLLOW giveaway! Click on the landing link below, follow the instructions for following the authors, and then you’ll b entered in the giveaway!

And of course, please support the authors with your follows and book buys! My Dickens Holiday Romance, FIXING CHRISTMAS is featured in the promotion.

Here’s the landing link: SOCIAL MEDIA FOLLOW and good luck!!!



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A #bookthrone #Booktok #tiktok builder #entertowin #rafflecopter

I’m part of this fabulous giveaway since I recently took the plunge and joined #tiktok

Are you a tik-toker? Want to win a $100 Amazon GC ( who doesn’t??) well, just go to the landing page, follow the authors listed on their platform and you’ll have a good chance of winning!

Here’s the link: https://www.bookthrone.com/december-tiktok-giveaway Click on then scroll all the way to the bottom for instructions. You can also just click on the books shown to follow the authors – that’s the easy way!!

My #holidayromcom FIXING CHRISTMAS is one of the event sponsor books! Have you read it? It’s a goodie. Maybe you should get it for the romance reader on your holiday shopping list? Or just, gift it to yourself for a feel-good read!

Good luck and happy Tiktoking and reading over the holiday season ~ peg

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It’s a #KindleVella #giveaway from Bookthrone authors!

🔥Start Binge-Reading.🔥
🎁 KIndleVella Authors are giving away a $250 Amazon Gift Card to one lucky reader. Enter our giveaway for a chance to win for a Chance to Win.

I’m so stoked 2 of my KindleVella books _ The Jane Austen Murders and Death Between the Pages are part of this great giveaway.


#kindlevella #kindledeals #kindlereads #kindlebooks #kindlepromo

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IT’S A TRUST THING is a #Bookthrone #Romancebook #giveaway

I’m always excited when I am participating in a BOOKTHONE giveaway. This month, it’s all about ROMANCE! Click on the previous link, scroll ALL THE WAY DOWN until you see: HERE’S YOUR CHANCE TO WIN, click, enter.

BOOKTHRONE IS GIVING away 100 Romance eBooks+ an Amazon Kindle Paperwhite to one lucky reader.

For your chance to win, click on the link above. 

The winner will be chosen randomly. 

Entries must be received by midnight August 25, 2022 GMT.

The Winner will be contacted via email not more than 48hrs after the giveaway has ended.

(Beware of Scammers! When you win, Book Throne will never ask you to fill in a form or ask for any payment whatsoever. THEY DO NOT message or announce winners on Facebook or any other social media platforms. Always refer to the giveaway page to check if you’ve won.)

IT’S A TRUST THING is part of the NYC Socialites Series and tells the story of Nell Newbery…

Nell Newbery has trust issues. It’s hard to trust when you’re the daughter of a fallen financial scion who bilked people out of billions. Nell’s done everything in her power to keep away from men who see her as their ticket to fortune and fame. All she wants to do is run her ultra-successful business, HELPFUL HUNKS, in peace.

But it wouldn’t hurt to find a guy who doesn’t know a thing about her father’s felonious past; one she can give her heart to and trust it won’t come back to her battered, bruised, and broken.

Is Charlie Churchill that guy? On the surface he seems perfect, all polished manners and quiet mirth. Nell’s convinced he knows nothing about her, other than she likes superhero movies and views junk food as a food group.

Can she trust him to be what he appears to be? Or is he just pretending?

For Nell, trust is everything in life…and in love.

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#Weekendupdate #kindleVella #booksprouts & #preoders Oh MY!

Don’t ever think your favorite writer is sitting at home in lounging pajamas, drinking champagne and eating decadent chocolate after just having written 250 words in her work in progress.

This is an urban myth of the first order!

Writers are more than writers these days. We are business owners, graphic artists, marketing directors, secretaries, newsletter writers, sales people, accountants, and brainstormers.

Here, just to show you how my past week has been, is what I have worked on every day, all the marketing balls I have in the air right now, and the books I am currently either writing, editing, or formatting.


I have 4, count ’em 4 promos going on simultaneously.

  1. Bookthrone JUNE Kindle VELLA promo
  2. Bookthrone June KINDLE UNLIMITED promo
  3. NN LIGHTS Summertime Books Bookish Event
  4. Booksprout reader and reviewer campaign for CHANCE ( LAST MAN STADNING)

I am writing:

  1. My 2022 Dickens Holiday Romance
  3. My part in a Ghost anthology
  4. Book 2 in Heaven’s Matchmaker

I am formatting:

  1. My Kindlevella serialization VINDICATION Into print
  2. My Kindlevella serialization THE JANE AUSTEN MURDERS into print
  3. My Dickens Holiday romance – Sasha’s Secret Santa

In addition, I have released this year this following books:

MIX AND MATCH (Heaven’s matchmaker, book 1)

THE SHERIFF & THE PSYCHIC (( Welcome to Renewal, Book 1)

THE HAUNTING OF WILTON JUNE ( Romantic Hauntings, book 2)

ANGLE KISSES & HOLIDAY WISHES ( A Dickens Holiday romance)

Since I don’t have an assistant or a PA or even a Virtual PA, I have to design and make all my graphics for sales, promos, ads.

So the next time you see me, if I seem tired/confused/out of it/thinking…don’t be insulted. I truly have 1,000,000 things on my mind and an equal number of balls in the air!

The life of a writer….le sigh

And ps….I made all of those book graphics!!!!


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#sweetromance #giveaway from @Bookthrone #entertowin

I’m part of a fabulous Bookthrone giveaway for readers who love Sweet romance ( Aka clean romance)!

Enter this contest for a chance at a $50.00 Amazon gift card and 10 Sweet romance books! Who knows – you may find your new fav author ( other than me, of course – hee hee!)

Here’s the landing page to enter: SWEETROMANCE Scroll all the way down the page until you see the ENTER GIVEAWAY banner in orange. then, just follow the rules.

My book MIX AND MATCH is part of this great giveaway. Here’s a little about it:

Divorced and lonely, nurse Jasmine Green retains the services of Heaven, NH’s very own successful matchmaker, Olivia Joyner. The bar scene and dating apps give Jasmine hives and Liv’s reputation is stellar. If anyone can help guide her through the quagmire that dating has become, Olivia can.

Architect Donovan Boyd is ready to settle down. He wants the kind of marriage his parents have; long lasting, filled with love, children, and joy. But even after a year of living and working in Heaven, he’s still considered an outsider by many. Finding the type of woman he’s looking for is hard in the tight-knit community. Retaining Olivia Joyner to help him find his forever love is one of the smartest things he’s done, especially after she sets him up with Jasmine Green.

But the red-haired, green-eyed beauty wants a different kind of marriage from the one Donovan considers ideal.

Can these two strong-willed people learn to compromise so they can both find their happily ever after? Or will their relationship forever be relegated to the friend zone?

Good luck, kids ~ Peg


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MIX and MATCH is a Bookthrone Kindle Unlimited Promo Event!

I’ve partnered with dozens of authors who all have books in Kindle Unlimited to bring those books to your attention and help you win a $200 Amazon GC!

MIX AND MATCH is part of this promo because it’s listed in Kindle Unlimited- so if you have a KU account, you can read it for free AND enter to win a $200 Amazon gc and many more prizes!

Here’s the link to enter: Bookthrone

The contest runs for the next week or so, so enter today and start reading some amazeballs KU-listed books!

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A BOOKTHRONE Kindle Vella contest; #entertowin #kindlevella

I love a BOOKTHRONE giveaway! This month, my KINDLE VELLA novel THE JANE AUSTEN MURDERS is one of 9 vella books spotlighted for this giveaway. Enter to win a $ 200 Amazon Gift card and along the way you might find some new favorite writers on this new reading platform.

And don’t forget to FOLLOW the JAM so you will be notified when new episodes release – like on Monday, April 18th

Good Luck and here’s the link to enter – scroll all the way day to do so! BOOKTHRONE VELLA EVENT

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