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Episode 15 in #KindleVella MAGIC’S CHARM releases today #fantasy #magic #romance

If it’s Thursday, that means a new episode of MAGIC’S CHARM is released.

Here’s a little snippet from episode 15 which just dropped:

They sped along the Vegas desert as the sun finally jumped the horizon. He understood her desire to wear the huge sunglasses now since he had to squint against the sun’s glare as they headed straight into the light of day.

A half-hour after leaving the compound the limo turned into the terminal. Rhys counted the number of commercial flights all ready to leave the bustling city, an equal number ready to land from the skies above them.

“The average number of flights into the city each day is estimated between five and six hundred,” Siobhan said as the limo taxied to the private airstrip abutting  McClarren airport.

“Everybody loves Vegas,” Rhys said.

“And thank God they do or I’d be on perpetual tour. Or out of a job.”

“We’re here, Ms. d’Arc,” the driver announced.

Siobhan nodded as the car stopped. The driver opened her door while Rhys exited the opposite one. They were standing in a private indoor hangar. Rhys had been impressed by the amount of priceless art in the d’Arc home, but his awe grew ten times when he spotted the Bombardier Challenger 300 jet standing in front of them with a magic wand stenciled on the nose.

“Never seen a private jet before, McDowell?” Siobhan asked as she sauntered past him to walk up the steps to the plane.

“Seen one. Never flew in one, though.” He followed her up the steps.

“Well, you’ll have something fun to write about in your diary tonight, then, won’t you?”

The luxurious interior boasted 8 oversized captain chairs in the main cabin.

“Welcome, sir,” the flight attendant said. “My name is Rachel. I’ll be flying with you today.”

Rhys nodded as she snuck a peak at the cockpit instrument board.

Siobhan took a seat next to a window and strapped in. Rhys plopped down opposite her and did the same.

“There are seven other chairs in this plane,” she said, peering over the top of her sunglasses, “and you have to sit right there?”

“It’ll be easier to talk this way. You did promise to let me interview you.”

She slid her glasses back up her nose and made a play for looking out the window as the engines revved.

“We should arrive in about sixty minutes,” Rachel told them. She carried a carafe of coffee on a try, two mugs next to it along with cream and sweetener cups.

“Black for me, please,” Rhys said, accepting the mug once she’d filled it. She never asked Siobhan how she took it, just made it and handed it to her.

“Would you like a fruit plate for breakfast, Mr. McDowell, or eggs, bacon, and toast?”

“The latter,” he told her.

“Very good. Once we’re at cruising altitude I’ll bring everything out.”

Siobhan thanked her before the woman went to the back of the plane and seated herself.

“So,” Rhys said, after taking a sip of the most delicious coffee he’d ever had. “Your own plane. Nice perk.”

Slowly, she turned from looking out the window to face him, her sunglasses still in place. He’d give anything to see her eyes.

“We do quite a bit of traveling all around the country and this way is easier all around.”

“But I have to imagine it’s costly.”

She shrugged. “What good is having money if you don’t spend it?”


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A #bookthrone #Booktok #tiktok builder #entertowin #rafflecopter

I’m part of this fabulous giveaway since I recently took the plunge and joined #tiktok

Are you a tik-toker? Want to win a $100 Amazon GC ( who doesn’t??) well, just go to the landing page, follow the authors listed on their platform and you’ll have a good chance of winning!

Here’s the link: https://www.bookthrone.com/december-tiktok-giveaway Click on then scroll all the way to the bottom for instructions. You can also just click on the books shown to follow the authors – that’s the easy way!!

My #holidayromcom FIXING CHRISTMAS is one of the event sponsor books! Have you read it? It’s a goodie. Maybe you should get it for the romance reader on your holiday shopping list? Or just, gift it to yourself for a feel-good read!

Good luck and happy Tiktoking and reading over the holiday season ~ peg

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