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#releaseday DEATH BETWEEN THE PAGES #shortstories #deathanddying #retribution

Well, it’s finally here. The very first Kindlevella book I’ve put into actual publishing print!
DEATH BETWEEN THE PAGES is exclusively on Amazon and in KU, if you are a subscriber. The cost is #99cents in ecopy.

I wrote these stories many moons ago when I was obsessed with serial killers, murder, and death. That makes me sound cray-cray, but I came of range during the real Dahmer, Gacy, Bundy years and it’s practically all we ever watched on the nightly news.

These stories all involved death in some way, be it from cancer, murder, natural causes, or…something else.

Hope you enjoy them. ~ Peg


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A new #KINDLEVELLA series from me…

Many of you may know that before I wrote full length novel fiction, I dabbled in literary short stories. I did well, too. Had over 30 published. A goodly amount of thosse stories were murder mysteries – at the time, my favorite form of reading material.


Recently, I transposed my favorites of those spooky tales and am now releasing one story a week on my Vella account.

The title of the series is called DEATH BETWEEN THE PAGES ( get it??!! LOL) and here’s the blurb and cover:

A cheating husband. A group of widows. A hospital bed. A priest. What do they all have in common?


I plan on releasing one new story a week until they run out – or I write some new ones.

If you’re looking for some thriller/suspense/spooky tales this Halloween season, check the series out. The first episode is free.

Happy reading, kids. And don’t forget to keep the lights on while you are. Hee Hee ~ Peg


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