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End of the year wrap-up and a look ahead to 2016

At the beginning of every year I write out a bunch of goals I want to accomplish during the year. The perpetual ones are lose 50 pounds ( or at least 5!), re-read all my favorite books, exercise 5 times per week, drink more water, drink less soda.


Usually, I get 2-3 going good for a few months and then fall by the wayside.


2015 had a different set of goals. I knew I was retiring, so goal number 1 was to write every day. I fulfilled that goal. Number 2 was to get a novel published by a traditional publisher. That goal got met in spades: I had 3 books go live in 2015. Yippie for me. Number 3 was to write at least twice a week on this blog. Again, met in spades since I average 3-4 times per week for the year. Yippie, squared!


Looking ahead to 2016 I have some new goals to go along with the old standards. Here’s my list:

  1. Lose 50 pounds (I’d be happy with 10)
  2. Drink more water, less soda
  3. exercise 6 days per week
  4. Have 3-4 books published traditionally
  5. get an agent ( this one should be number 1 but I really need to lose weight!)
  6. say “yes” more than “no”, no matter what is being asked of me ( this will be a toughy, but I plan on doing it!)
  7. find new authors to read and promote them through social media
  8. meditate ( you do not know how badly I need to do this one.weightloss4

We’ll see how well I do!




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