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On lifestyle changes, doing better and trying to get healthy…

I don’t usually share my personal struggles on this blog.

I really don’t. Talking about writing or my issues with writing isn’t what I mean. Yes, I do discuss those, but they are pretty innocuous topics.

I mean, I don’t usually go deep and write about the daily struggle I have with my weight, my eating disorder, and my body image.

But…first I want to share something with you that I saw the other day that just RESONATED with me sososos much. Please take a few minutes to watch this. If you’ve already seen it, watch it again because every single person on the planet needs to hear this.


I’ve been fat shamed my entire life – by others and by myself. I know, I know! You’re supposed to love yourself for who you are, not what you look like. The reasons behind my eating disorder are lifelong and involve things said to me while I was child by my biological father and my grandmother. When people who are supposed to support you tear you down instead as a child, well, let’s just say that baggage gets carried into adulthood. I’ve never been able to look in a mirror and tell myself “you’re enough the way you are, because I was never able to feel that way.”
That’s on me.

When my daughter got engaged on Christmas eve, my first emotion was elation. For her. My second was terror. For me. As mother of the bride, I’m going to be front and center at all events looking….not good. Not the way I want to. Not the way I should. To have two opposing emotions – happiness for her and sadness for me – at the same time sent me into an emotional spiral that ramped up my eating disorder. Just like James Corden says in his video, shaming someone leads to depression, decreased feelings of self worth, and ineffective coping mechanisms. For me, that means an increase in my bulimia.

There. I said it. I admitted it out loud. Well, in print, anyway. But you know what I mean.

The first step towards fixing a problem is to admit you have one. Just like with alcoholism and drug addiction, you first need to recognize, name and accept that you have an issue, before you can begin to heal, fix, and help yourself.

So here’s my admission. My name is Peggy and I’m a bulimic.

First step? Check.

The second step is to come up with a plan for dealing and/or changing the issue. Way easier said than done, for sure. But now that I’ve said out loud what my issue is, I can devise a plan to fix it.

First step in this is to stop binging and purging whenever my emotions get out of hand.

Again, easier said that done, but if I think it, speak it into the air, and tell it to myself often, I know I can combat the desire.

Maybe this is all a little TMI for you. Maybe it is for me, too, but I am determined at almost 60 years old to finally FINALLY squelch this behavior. If writing about the struggle will help me attain that goal, so be it.

My goal is to eradicate my eating disorder, lose the excess weight pulling my health down, and in so doing, be the best, healthiest Peggy I can be. If that means that ultimately I am a size 8 or a size 18, so be it.

Until the next time I feel the need to talk about this again! ~ Peg


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If it’s #Tuesday it’s time to talk about #Menopause

And here we are again on another Menopause Tuesday! Click on the link to my other blog to see what’s up this week

Sweating to the oldies and feeling….old.

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End of the year wrap-up and a look ahead to 2016

At the beginning of every year I write out a bunch of goals I want to accomplish during the year. The perpetual ones are lose 50 pounds ( or at least 5!), re-read all my favorite books, exercise 5 times per week, drink more water, drink less soda.


Usually, I get 2-3 going good for a few months and then fall by the wayside.


2015 had a different set of goals. I knew I was retiring, so goal number 1 was to write every day. I fulfilled that goal. Number 2 was to get a novel published by a traditional publisher. That goal got met in spades: I had 3 books go live in 2015. Yippie for me. Number 3 was to write at least twice a week on this blog. Again, met in spades since I average 3-4 times per week for the year. Yippie, squared!


Looking ahead to 2016 I have some new goals to go along with the old standards. Here’s my list:

  1. Lose 50 pounds (I’d be happy with 10)
  2. Drink more water, less soda
  3. exercise 6 days per week
  4. Have 3-4 books published traditionally
  5. get an agent ( this one should be number 1 but I really need to lose weight!)
  6. say “yes” more than “no”, no matter what is being asked of me ( this will be a toughy, but I plan on doing it!)
  7. find new authors to read and promote them through social media
  8. meditate ( you do not know how badly I need to do this one.weightloss4

We’ll see how well I do!



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