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When you’ve got nothing, do you punt…or go home?

I’m chockfull of weird and wacky blog titles this week, eh?? Hee Hee

What it boils down to is that I’ve been living a very boring life of late, self isolating and writing/editing my next indie book, and reading other books for review on Netgalley. In addition to taking care of home and hearth and my parents. And their home and hearth.

I have no new news, no witty stories, no personal revelations with which to fill this blog up. I even missed the last two Long and Short Reviews Wednesday Blogging challenges because I was immersed in writing.

If you open the dictionary and find the definition for “pathetic lifestyle” you will see my picture.

Not kidding. Not even a little.

So…do I try and make something up that will delight and titillate you? Do I – once again – try to get you to buy any of my books by putting up snippets to intrigue you? Do I comment on current events? I am truly at a loss of what to write today.

I could tell you about the DIY wasp traps my husband discovered on the Internet to fight our growing wasp problem, and which he made all by himself. I’m truly happy all my empty liter Diet Mountain Dew bottles didn’t die in vain. Nothing in the traps yet, though.

I could tell you about my wonderful summer vacation plans….but I don’t have any.

I could share how I’ve started yet another diet in the attempt to fit into my dress for my daughters wedding – the one she has had to postpone twice now due to the pandemic – and how I’m literally starving most of the day. I might even admit that I bought two boxes of Girl Scout cookies in the grocery store yesterday and WHAM!!! Gained 6 pounds by the time I got home. But that seems too…depressing and self revelatory.

I could share how happy I was when I finally – after 12 weeks – got my hair colored last week. But then I wonder: did you know I color my hair? Did I just ruin your opinion of me??

Truthfully,  when I read all of those things back they are really pretty pathetic and boring….

Kinda like me.

So, I guess I’ll go do some more editing and then maybe take a walk…on the treadmill of course,  because…you know….social distancing and the pandemic.

Le sigh…

Until next time, peeps, when I sincerely hope I have something to write about  ~ Peg




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Getting back to normal…or what looks like normal, but really isn’t….

Heck of a blog title, isn’t it? Confusing? Yup.

So let me ‘esplain.

First, please know that I started self isolating before it was a “thing” where I live. From the first time I heard about Covid, back when it was simply called Coronovirus, in late January, I had a premonition a shit storm was coming, so I stayed home starting in February, after first stocking up on enough medical supplies, non perishable food items, and other things, to last a while.

Then the order to stay home came and, since I already was, my life didn’t change much.

Oh, there were a few things like going out to eat, and attending church that did, but we were able to do Door Dash and drive by pickup so we did get to eat some things other than what I cooked a few times. Not many.

One thing we didn’t do was attend church, though, because the Catholic diocese in my state ordered the churches to close.

For the first time in my memory the Church put personal safety ahead of religious practice.

Now, not attending actual Mass for almost 3 months was something I hadn’t done since my confirmation at the age of 11, so when this past weekend the diocese finally did open up again, of course Hubby and attended.

We were masked ( as we are anytime we go out the door now) and we were delighted to find that the Knights of Columbus volunteers were directing people where to sit ( 1 pew apart, only 2 people in a pew) the Priest was masked during communion, he sanitized his hands after every giving of the host, and the host itself was airdropped into the parishioners’ hands. No “shake of peace” – a practice I don’t like on non-pandemic days for sososo many reasons, and no processional out the door with a priestly handshake.

Yes, it was weird. Yes, it was different. But it was safe and sanitary, so…

As we drove home we spotted most of the restaurants in our tiny town opened again with only outdoor seating. I felt good about the fact so many people were seated and dining – good for the owners of the restaurants because I know how they were struggling and good for the servers because they were back at jobs instead of foundering on unemployment. All the servers wore masks and even though I didn’t think the tables were exactly 6 feet apart, as least they weren’t jammed on top of one another.

So, this will be the norm for the next year or so or until a vaccine is discovered. While I will not be dining outside at the restaurants because I actually don’t like dining outside in restaurants ( personal preference) I am happy to see others don’t have the open air seating phobia I have, and I am delighted to be able to attend Mass again. Even though I pray and have prayed every day at home during this trying time, there’s something about doing in in a designated house of the Lord with someone ordained that just elevates it, in my humble opinion.

Hope your new normal is something you can live with, too.\

Until next time, peeps ~ Peg


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