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Happy Thanksgiving 2019!

As you spend time today with family and friends, please remember those who have neither. If you are blessed with a table filled with more food than everyone seated can finish, please remember those who go to bed hungry and wake up the same way everyday. As you bow your heads and give thanks for all you have, please think of those who have nothing – no roof over their heads, no warm clothes on their backs.

Thanksgiving it a day we should not only give thanks with our voices, but show with our actions and intention, so, why not volunteer at a homeless shelter or a community kitchen today?  Why not visit a nursing home and spend some time with people who are forgotten and lonely? If you see a cop or a fireman or a nurse working today, why not say Thank You to them for all they do and maybe treat them to a cup of coffee or a pie of pie? It may sound inconsequential and trite, but believe me, actions speak louder than words ever can and I’m a big believer in show not tell.

In my opinion, the best way to say “thanks” for all you have is to pay it forward.

Just sayin’…

Until next time ~ Peg

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