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Reviews and such….

I could never be an actress. Well…I could, since drama attaches itself to me like lice to a feral cat, but I wouldn’t want to be one for a simple reason: I hate being judged.

In the book world, this is called being reviewed.

Skater’s Waltz has been out for a little over a week now ( Yippie!) and I’ve gotten three legitimate reviews on Amazon and Goodreads. Granted, they were all 5 stars ( what??!) but I’m Irish and therefore cynical,  so I’m waiting for the other shoe to drop. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not wishing for it, I’m waiting for it. There is a difference.

I have hopes the 1’s and 2’s don’t materialize – really strong hopes. But if they do, I already know how I’ll feel. I know how I’ll pretend I’m feeling, too. Not everyone is going to like your work. Hey, big budget mega star movies tank all the time. To the world I’ll say, sorry you didn’t like it; hope you find a new author that you do. Inside? Well, inside I’ll be slowly dying.

Why does the opinion of others matter so much? What is it about us humans that makes us want everyone to like us – and our work? I think part of my angst comes from being the child of divorced parents. No matter how many times you hear the divorce wasn’t you fault and had nothing to do with you, as a child you don’t believe it. I must have done something bad or mommy and daddy would still love one another and want to be together as a family.

I’m a psych major and this question still pains to to this day.

But, here’s the thing: all that to the side, I’ve gotten the book of my heart published, and I’m contracted for 4 more in the series. That alone makes every bad or unkind thing a total stranger says about my work null and void.

So, here’s to my one week book anniversary. And many happy more to come.



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Feeling fretful…

With Skaters Waltz set to be released into the world in just a week I’m starting to feel a little fretful.

Okay. I’ll admit it. I’m scared sh**less!

I’ve only ever written for me. Just me. I’ve never had to contend with reviews – bad or great – before. I’ve just self edited and self flagellated my work. I can say anything I want to about my work because it’s mine. I really don’t think you can hurt your own feelings, can you? I think that’s written in some psych book somewhere, as a rule: You can’t truly  hurt your own feelings.

But other people. Well, other people can destroy you with just a few well placed words of derision and scorn. Other people can take what you’ve spent a life time working on, preparing for, and obsessing over, and in one fell swoop of a pen  ( or keyboard stroke) make it all  seem worthless and trite.

I never wanted to be an actress because I never wanted to stand in front of people, audition, and then have them tell me “no,” or that I wasn’t good enough. I am just not that strong internally.

So now, with a week left of my writing anonymity, I am a basket case.

My husband and daughter ask, “Why do you care what people think?”

My answers: because if they hate it, they won’t buy it. Because is they think it stinks, they won’t recommend it to friends. Because if it gets bad reviews, EVERYONE will know I’m not good enough.

Okay, so I just read that last part. Emotionally raw? Yes. Ridiculous to worry about? Maybe. Me in a nutshell? Absolutely.

I guess it’s too late now to worry about it. The book goes live on March 4. I took the day off from work – originally to celebrate. Now I think I’ll just stay in my pajamas and hide until the first reviews start to come in.

Good Lord: I actually signed up for this……


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