The Cleary House…ABA Halloween Blog Hop


halloween-hop1-680x863-1For this lovely Halloween Blog Hop, I wanted to give you a little view of how I envision the Cleary house from FIRST IMPRESSIONS. The book takes place in the Fall. Since the East Coast is so lovely this time of year, I simply had to set the plot in what many consider the most beautiful place to be in the autumn, namely, New England.

Seamus Cleary bought the rundown, abandoned farmhouse when he first came to Carvan, thirty years ago, and spared no expense restoring it. He found out from Serena  MacQuire that the farm was originally owned by the Johannsen family. When Mrs. Johannsen died, her husband was so grief stricken he wouldn’t let anyone take her body from the home. Serena’s mother, Alaina, was the one to convince him to do so. Ever since then, the house has stood vacant. The villagers in Carvan believe Mr Johannsen haunts the house – something Seamus wasn’t told when he purchased it! A native of Scotland, Seamus isn’t one to be bothered by the thoughts of ghosts and hauntings, though. This is the house he brought Serena to as a bride, and the one in which their 4 children grew up in.  In fact, twins Padric (FIRST IMPRESSIONS) and Moira (THERE’S NO PLACE LIKE HOME) were born in the guest room because their parents couldn’t get to the hospital fast enough!

All my MacQuire Women stories take place in the fictional town of Carvan, Connecticut. Since FIRST IMPRESSIONS is an autumn story, I pictured the Cleary house as decorated for the season much like this:


I can picture the 4 Cleary kids running around this farm in Halloween costumes, helping their mom give out the candy to the Trick-or-Treaters who come by, and generally just enjoying a childhood steeped in love and laughter.

FIRST IMPRESSIONS tells Padric  Cleary and Clarissa Rogers’ story.

Family Practice Doctor Clarissa Rogers’ first impression of Padric Cleary is biased and based on gossip. The handsome, charming veterinarian is considered a serial dater and commitment-phobic by his family and most of the town. Relationship shy, Clarissa refuses to lose her heart to a man who can’t pledge himself to her forever.

Pat Cleary, despite his reputation, is actually looking for “The One.” When he does give his heart away, he wants it to be for life. With his parent’s marriage as his guidebook, he wants a woman who will be his equal and soul mate in every way.

Can Pat convince everyone – including Clarissa – she’s the only woman for him?

I’ll be giving away 1 free e-copy ( from AMAZON) of FIRST IMPRESSIONS to a lucky winner who tells me this:

What Halloween candy was your favorite one to receive when you trick-or-treated as a kid?

Leave me your answer in the comments section of my blog post.

Have a wonderful, candy-filled Halloween, and don’t forget to visit the plethora of wonderful authors participating in this blog hop!

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13. K.K. Weil 14. Peggy Jaeger
15. Maureen Bonatch 16. Jeannie Hall
17. Beth Caudill 18. Mary Morgan
19. Karen Michelle Nutt 20. Hywela Lyn ~ Romance That’s ‘Out Of This World’
21. Whitney Cannavina 22. Devon McKay
23. Starr Gardinier 24. Erin Bevan
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28 responses to “The Cleary House…ABA Halloween Blog Hop

  1. Love your blog posts almost as much as I have loved M&M’s for most of my life!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Casi McLean

    Reese’s peanut butter cups….perfection in a bite! Great post, Peg!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. DarleneLF

    Love your vision of the Cleary house. Love the cover of First Impressions! I’ll take a Kit Kat bar please 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Karen Michelle Nutt

    Enjoyed the post. Snickers are my favorite!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Peggy Jaeger

      Karen – those are my hubby favs, too! He likes me to put them in the freezer first. I’m always worried he’s gonna break a tooth when he bites into them, frozen!!! hahaha.


  5. Krystal Amaral

    Peanut butter cups!

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Candy corn flavored M&Ms and Kit Kats. I have to hide the bags from myself!

    Liked by 1 person

  7. I always liked getting those bags of M&Ms, because it seemed like they held “so many” instead of just one candy bar… and now i have kids who DON”T LIKE M&Ms… can you imagine?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Peggy Jaeger

      Katie- I loved them for that same reason!! it seemed like you got more candy than everyone else!!! Have you seen the advertisements for the new CARAMEL M&s coming out next year!!! I’m drooling already!


  8. Frozen resee’s cups. I have a secret stash hidden in my freezer.


  9. Jana Leah

    Skittles. Thanks for the chance.

    Liked by 1 person

  10. I love your picture of the Cleary house! And my favourite treat at any time of year is chocolate – any variety, filled or solid, just can’t get enough!

    Liked by 1 person

  11. Peggy Jaeger

    You can never go wrong with chocolate!


  12. Bonnie

    It has always been M&M’s!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Peggy Jaeger

      You know what’s so very great about M7M’s aside from the flavor?? You get SO MANY OF THE THEM in a packet. I always feel like I’ve gotten a great, long lasting treat, esp. if I eat them one by one – which I do just to make them last.!


  13. I loved to get almond joys.

    Nancy Burgess


  14. Nancy Burgess

    I always loved to get Almond Joys.


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