#CharacterNames #L&SR #WednesdayBlogChallenge 1.30.19

So the prompt this week is Characters I’d name a baby after. Great idea, no?

So why am I having so much trouble with it??

Here’s what I do know – characters I wouldn’t name a baby under any circumstances:

Boys first: Christian, Addicus, Ashley, Rhett, Fitzwilliam, Tom, Marvin, Bruce, Elvis

Girls next: Scarlett, Melanie, Lisbeth,  Portia, Juliette, Mulva, Hermione, Anastasia, Scout

Those names are so recognizable, and some of them are iconic, that I fear the poor child would be doomed to always being compared to his/her fictional counterparts.




Can you imagine a tomboy named Scarlett? Or a WWF fighter named Ashley?

I can’t either, but maybe to other writers, those would be perfect character names for their mismatched personality-typed characters.

But not for me. I like ethic names for my characters to enhance their heritage. I like naming my characters after their fictional grandparents or great aunts and uncles. I like the idea of family names and nicknames, like number-naming. You know what I mean: Harry is  grandpa, Pop in H-Two, grandson in called Trey ( for third). I know this is quirky, but I love it.

So I guess I’d better get to the actual prompt for today. Characters I’d name a baby after.

Girls first this time: Isabella, Jane, Nora, Eve


Boys next: Roarke, Dylan, Edward, Sonny

Since this is a blog challenge, here’s where you can find other authors who are participating and get their take on character baby names: L&SR WednesdayBlogging Challenge.

And if you’re looking for me, I’ll be busy naming my characters here: Tweet Me//Read Me// Visit Me//Picture Me//Pin Me//Friend Me//Google+Me// Triber// BookMe // Monkey me //Watch me

and here’s the link to my TELL ME ABOUT YOUR DAMN BOOK podcast interview, just in case you missed it: TMAYDB




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11 responses to “#CharacterNames #L&SR #WednesdayBlogChallenge 1.30.19

  1. Echo Ishii

    It would be funny to watch a wrestler named Scarlett O’Hara:)

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  2. Hey, twins! Eve & Roarke 😀

    And I, too, think it would be a neat dichotomy to mis-name characters based on their occupations.

    Thanks for visiting earlier!

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    • Peggy Jaeger

      YOu know, that I’ve given that some thought – and read the comments here, I’m rethinking my aversion to that!!! A Grouchy girl named Patience, or a pilot named Crash McCord. Hmmmmmm….


  3. lydiaschoch

    Yes, there are certain names that will forever be associated with particular characters. That’s a very good point.

    My Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge post

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  4. Good list. What about a real kick-butt heroine named Vivienne? I like it. 🙂


  5. Kathy

    Now I like Crash McCord, but you guys need to realize I didn’t have any kids on purpose so I am not a good judge of this. I have wonderful step-kids but fortunately their mom and my husband named them 🙂

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  6. I offered Scarlett as one of my baby name choices when I was pregnant with my daughter, but my husband was having none of THAT! Probably just as well. Eve and Roarke are favorites! 🙂


  7. I love the characters you “wouldn’t” name a child… that list is definitely longer than ones I would use. I also had Isabella and Roarke on my lists. They are GREAT strong names for sure.

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  8. I do like Scarlett, but you’re right, it is very recognisable.

    My post is here: https://tanithdavenport.blogspot.com/2019/01/characters-id-name-baby-after.html


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