Just when I think it’s over…..

I don’t usually post full face pictures of myself on this page for a number of reasons, but the biggest one being I hate full face pictures of myself!!!

Cindy Crawford I am not.

I’m not even Helen Mirren and she’s in the same age group as me.

But when I received this award over the weekend, I also received a letter from FCRW that asked the winners to take a picture with the award and their winning book to post on the FCRW Facebook and Twitter pages. Since it was going to be so publicly displayed anyway, I figured, why not blog about it, too,  and post the picture.


I am still rehabbing from my surgery, so you can see a tiny speck of the immobilizer covering my right hand as I hold the beautiful award. Yes, I’m in my nightgown, there’s nothing on my face except Retin A, I’m wearing my daytime glasses and my hair isn’t combed because I can’t do that yet ( due to dominant arm surgery!) But it would have taken too much time, effort, and energy – none of which I have, to look camera ready.

But..all that aside, this award truly touched my heart.

The past two months have been filled with self doubt, feelings of inadequacy, and  frustration over my writing career. After being dropped by two publishers and receiving some horrible reviews for my books, in addition to still not seeing my sales and readers increase, I’ve been struggling with the concept that writing for publication is something I’m not cut out for. There’s so much more involved than just writing stories of my heart. The time and cash spent on marketing, the query letters, the waiting to hear back, the time delays between book publications – it’s all starting to take a toll on my psyche.

The endless questions: have I peaked out? Is this all worth the time and expense? What am I killing myself for?

Dramatic? Yeah, maybe, but hey: this is me we’re talking about. Drama in my confirmation name.

And then this happens.

I think sometimes the universe, and/or God knows just what to do to make me realize my decisions and my life are worthwhile.

So…no more moping, overthinking, doubting, bitching or complaining.

Now if I could just brush my hair…..

Oh, and because the marketing aspect NEVER ends, here’s the book that won the award, available in ecopy, print and audio.


Amazon ///B&N // AppleBooks //GooglePlay// Kobo // AmazonUK


With Christmas season in full swing, baker Regina San Valentino is up to her elbows in cake batter and cookie dough. Between running her own business, filling her bursting holiday order book, and managing her crazy Italian family, she’s got no time to relax, no room for more custom cake orders, and no desire to find love. A failed marriage and a personal tragedy have convinced her she’s better off alone. Then a handsome stranger enters her bakery begging for help. Regina can’t find it in her heart to refuse him. Connor Gilhooly is in a bind. He needs a specialty cake for an upcoming fundraiser and puts himself and his company’s reputation in Regina’s capable hands. What he doesn’t plan on is falling for a woman with heartbreak in her eyes or dealing with a wise-guy father and a disapproving family. Can Regina lay her past to rest and trust the man who’s awoken her heart?

Until next time ~ Peg



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22 responses to “Just when I think it’s over…..

  1. mrsnnnlight

    Love your pic and your smile is all the accessory you need. Didn’t you know “bed-head” is THE hairstyle right now? lol!

    Congratulations on the award. It’s well-deserved.

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  2. lydiaschoch

    Congratulations on your award! How cool.

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  3. Peggy Jaeger

    Thankyou, Lydia!


  4. Jennifer Zander Wilck

    I love that photo of you! And, just to make you laugh, I want you to know that you finales in every contest I entered (and didn’t final in). It got to the point where I said, “Well, if Peggy entered, I’m out.” So mega congratulations to you. You’re an awesome writer and person. And I’m so, so happy for you. I also hope you feel better soon.

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    • Peggy Jaeger

      Jennifer – no no no!!!! Do not think that way about contests!!!!! It’s a crap shoot no matter who wrote, what. I spent a year and a half entering contests because I wanted to try and broaden my reader base and didn’t final ONCE!!!!. It’s just that the stars aligned for this book, that’s all. YOU ARE A REMARKABLE WRITER and HUMAN BEING!!!!!! Hear it, believe it, and keep entering contests. yes, it’s nice to win or final, but I really just want to introduce myself to more readers and this is an easy peasy way to do it ( altho it does cost coin!!! ) be well and ty for the kind words.

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  5. Kat Henry Doran

    Well, my friend. Been there and done that, including rotator cuff on the dominant side so I recall the days of bedhead hair and other things which arise when one is forced to use the opposite hand for . . . personal needs. My heart goes out to you. Then I cheer for your award. Take that stupid publishers who don’t know what they’ve given up. Good luck with the recovery!!

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    • Peggy Jaeger

      Kat – truly, if anyone else who is going tohave this lousy surgery asks for my opinion I am going to tell them the truth” be prepared to have your life look nothing like it routinely does for 6-8 weeks; buy baby wipes and use them for everything from arm pit cleaning, to ….bathroom/personal cleaning duty; learn to sleep on your back it you don’t already ( I never have and it’s brutal to learn at this age!!!) Ice is your best friend. use it frequently. Be prepared to look like death warmed over for a month and then something the cat dragged in for another month after that.
      Do I sound bitter? You betcha!!! heehee
      But thanks for the kind words and show of support.


  6. Congrats Peggy! It’s great to see you smiling…you’ve turned the corner. Take care and best wishes for a speedy recovery. 🙂

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  7. Congratulations! I believe the Universe sends certain signs at the proper time to let us know if we’re on the right path. I truly believe you are on that path. You’re a wonderful writer! Don’t give in to self-doubt and all the rest. (I understand the feelings though! I suffer the same!) And never doubt your beauty! You have beauty all around you, your smile, your eyes, your soul, and yes, your unbrushed hair! 🙂 Again, congratulations on your award! You deserve it! I hope you’re healing well from the surgery, too. Feel better!

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  8. Congratulations, Peggy! I’ve always loved your books! Keep up the good work!

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  9. Sandra Dailey

    Congratulations, Peggy.

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  10. Oh, Peggy, I”m so happy for you for that well-deserved award! And so glad it came just when you needed it. It’s definitely a message, or sign, to keep going. The romance world would be at a loss without your humor & great stories. And BTW, your photo is adorable. If you hadn’t mentioned everything you had/hadn’t done, I never would’ve known. My god, if that was me I’d have frizz like an afro, sunken eyes without a ton of makeup, and splotchy skin! You have won so many awards lately, don’t doubt yourself. (Of course I do it all the time and question whether this writing business is worth it or not, I have not entered contests thinking so many more experienced authors enter, so why bother? But you give me hope, and are so inspiring. Keep up the great work, ‘sista’ (to steal your jargon).

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    • Peggy Jaeger

      Christine – I get that afro frizz, since my hair is so curly most of the time!!! And never stop entering contests just because “bigger names” have entered. I’ve beat out a few bigger names in my day. It’s the writing that counts, not the name attached to it! Thanks for the kind words!


  11. Congrats Peggy!!! So happy for you!!! I hope you heal soon from your surgery and are able to brush your hair with your dominant hand. Not that it looks bad in the picture. I think you look just fine! Congrats again on winning!! Well deserved my friend!

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