#LongandShortReviwes #Weeklybloggingchallenge 10.2.19

I think as writers we’ve all thought about today’s prompt at least once in our lives: What I’d want on a deserted island? Answers will run the gamut, I’m sure, on this one. Here’s what I’d need/want/have to have if I was going to survive in the middle of the ocean on an island that had no Target, CVS, or grocery store.

  1. toilet paper. Reams of it. I’m not using a leaf. No how. No way.
  2. My skin care regimen. I go nowhere – even on a simple overnight trip – without Retina A, Strivectin, eye cream, 110SPF Sun block and my Jergens’ lotion.
  3. a hat. Several in fact. With all that skin care I’m not taking any chances of getting more freckles, wrinkles, or a resurgence in my skin cancer.
  4. a tent with a bed and linens, pillows, a rug ( because no way am I putting my bare foot on dirt where a bug can crawl over it) a lamp with a loooooooong life battery and a watercooler with a never ending supply of fresh water.
  5. electricity
  6. a bathroom. And not one of those organic compost ones. A real one. With flushing water.

After skimming through this list I can see I had better never be stranded on a deserted island. I would last an hour, tops.

Let’s see what some of the other writers in this challenge would need ( and i bet their answers are way better than my selfish ones!) L&SR

Until next time ~ Peg




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24 responses to “#LongandShortReviwes #Weeklybloggingchallenge 10.2.19

  1. I didn’t even think about basic necessities…. maybe I should make sure I’m stranded with someone like you! lol My post is here.

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  2. lydiaschoch

    LOL, I totally agree with your list. I’m not into sleeping on the ground or living without electricity either.

    My post.

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  3. Patrick Prescott

    You never know how important some things are until you imagine doing without them. Now they’re not taken for granted.

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  4. At least you’re honest. I’m not a camping on the ground kind of girl, but I doubt that if I’m stranded on an island, I’d have the RV there. 🙂 I”m with you, though. An actual bed is darn nice.

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  5. Echo Ishii

    I am with you about flush toilets. Until you’ve left the comfort of the first world, you don’t appreciate its value.

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    • Peggy Jaeger

      this is true and why I never joined the peace corps or volunteered for the military. I’d be the first one eaten or voted off the island!


  6. Jennifer Zander Wilck

    Yeah, I’m pretty sure you belong in a Marriott, not a deserted island. 🙂

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  7. Deserted island? That’d be tough. No resorts or equestrian activities.

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  8. Toilet paper is certainly a huge necessity! I’ve never been a camping type of girl. My idea of camping is a cheap motel!

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  9. So, in other words, you want your house on the deserted island. I can fully support this idea! LOL

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  10. Michael Mock

    …Okay, yes, trapped on a deserted Marriott sounds way better than trapped on a deserted island. Oh, well.

    My answer is here.

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  11. barbarabettis1

    I’m with you! Sand between my toes was never a fun thing for me (used to live in California!) I’d need solar powered batteries, a two-way radio, and a boat.

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  12. You do have lovely skin, Peggy.

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