What I’m looking forward to this October…

I’m stealing this idea from an author friend ( Don’t look, Marianne Rice!) and giving you the things I’m looking forward to during the month of October.

  1. The trees turning colors. If you know me, you know this is one of my favorite things to happen all year. I even wrote a blog post about my love  of watching the colors change in New England for the Romance Gems.
  2. The Fall in love with New England Writers and Readers Conference on October 18-19 in Nashua, NH. Read all about it here: FILNE and don’t forget the book signing which is open to the romance reading public for free on Saturday, October 19 from 2-5 pm.
  3. The Annual Keene Pumpkin Festival. For several years, my little town of Keene, NH held the Guinness World Record for the number of jack-0-lanterns lit at one time!!! We’re trying to regain our title, so come and join us on October 12 at the Monadnock Pumpkin Festival Check out this fabulous photo taken by Keene’s own Dr. Jeffrey Newcomber:
  4.  Halloween candy. ‘Nuff said on that one!
  5. Apple picking. Every year for the past 25, Hubby and I ( and darling daughter when she lived at home)  go apple picking in a local orchard. For days after my house would smell delectable with the scent of cooking apples for apple sauce and pie crust for apple pies. Mmmmmm.

SO that’s it for me. October is a great month here in the Northeast. Lot’s to do. Lots’ to take advantage of. Maybe you  need a road trip here??!!

Until next time ~ peg



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5 responses to “What I’m looking forward to this October…

  1. D.V. Stone

    I love fall and just returned from Vermont. So beautiful. The smell of campfires and fireplaces are two of my favorite things.

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  2. October is my favourite month! Canadian Thanksgiving and my birthday have always made this month special and filled with good times with family and friends.

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  3. Autumn is my favorite season, and October always brings the most colorful leaves in the Pennsylvania mountains. Apple cider, pumpkin pie, wild mushrooms and pears make it special.

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  4. Sandra Dailey

    I grew up on the beach, saltwater in my blood. Cold weather doesn’t excite me – However, there are two things I love about October.
    1- My husband’s birthday gives me a chance to lavish a little extra attention on my low maintenance man.
    2- Samhain is a favorite holiday. Many of the family members I grew up with are gone now and it gives me a chance to honor them. Besides that, the food is great.

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  5. The leaves are starting to turn in SC. My favorite part of October is dressing up for Halloween.


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