#longandShortReviews #wednesdaybloggingchallenge 4.15.2020

Typically on this date I would say HAPPY TAX DAY to my American brethren.  Not  this year, since Tax day has been pushed to July 15.

So, HAPPY WEDNESDAY everyone! hee hee. Today’s topic is another goodie: Characters I’d invite to a dinner party.

I entertain in my home. A lot. Dinner parties, holiday parties, dinner get togethers, are all part of they way I keep connected to my friends. So, if I was to host a dinner as soon as the new normal of quarantine life ends, here’s a look at the guest list. I’m thinking this is gonna be a girl’s night in and invite just a bunch of ladies.

Elizabeth Bennet. Not only is she witty, quick, and an engaging thinker, I’ve wanted to ask her a question  forever. Over dessert of carrot cake and macaroons, I’d find a way to grab her attention and find out once and for all if she married Darcy because she was truly in love with him, or if she was in love with being the mistress of Pemberley.

Stephanie Plum. A New Jersey girl, I know Steph would bring a unique perspective to the table conversation. And I really want to just give her some plain old advice and tell her to pick a man! Choose between Ranger or Morelli, for pity’s sake. It’s been 26 books and she still can’t make up her mind!!

Eve Dallas. Come on, you knew that was coming!! And no, I don’t want to dish on Roarke ( although…) I want her to have – at last – a relaxing dinner without having to worry about social graces, if she’s putting her foot in her mouth, or embarrassing her hubby. Plus, I’d like to discuss some of her cases with her and her thought processes on how she solves murders.

I have to be a little conceited here and say the final guest would be Nell Newbery. Even though I know her like the back of my hand, there are still so many things I want to discover about her. But most of all, I want to feed her a good meal and hug her.

With me that adds up to 5. A good table number for sure because you can hear everyone and no one will feel left out!

Let’s see who some of the characters the other authors in this challenge would invite to dinner: L&SR

And here’s a sneak peek at the trailer for my 5.20.2020 release of VANILLA WITH A TWIST, on preorder now and at the sale price of just #99cents

Until next time ~ peg

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13 responses to “#longandShortReviews #wednesdaybloggingchallenge 4.15.2020

  1. Karen Hulene Bartell

    Twenty-six books and Stephanie still can’t make up her mind? Wow – bet she’s a hoot at a dinner party!

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  2. Love your idea of a girls night in…. and I love Eve. So with you on Stephanie… and please, girl, you keep making the same mistakes!!! My post is here: https://jhthomas.blogspot.com/2020/04/wednesday-weekly-blogging-challenge_15.html

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  3. lydiaschoch

    Ooh, Elizabeth Bennet would be a good choice!

    My post.

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  4. Great choices! I’m still debating who I’d have. 🙂 I love it.

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  5. Patrick Prescott

    You must be an excellent host. I’m sure the conversation would be enlightening. https://pmprescott.blogspot.com/2020/04/wc-041520.html

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  6. Jennifer Zander Wilck

    Nice list! I’d add Nora Roberts. 🙂

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  7. I’d have a few questions to ask Elizabeth Bennet! A wonderful group of guests, Peg. 🙂

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  8. Have to agree on Eve Dallas. Finally got a chance to start from the beginning and now love the series. That being said, good list, steph plum so needed to pick a man. LOL Thanks for sharing. Here’s mine. https://www.tenastetler.com/blog-challenge-characters-invite-to-a-dinner-party/


  9. Interesting list. I think I would invite Jo March. She was my writing inspiration, and I wanted to chide her for turning Laurie down.


  10. Michael Mock

    That does sound like fun. Although I can see where Elizabeth Bennet might find Eve Dallas perfectly shocking.

    My list is here.


  11. That’s a very cool list, Peggy. It’d be an entertaining night and I wouldn’t mind hearing the answer to your Lizzie question too!


  12. dixiejackson

    I love your question for Elizabeth! Inquiring minds NEED to know. LOL


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